Geek Thoughts: Who Has The Best Villains?

This is the first ever episode of Geek Thoughts. It’s just me (Ben From Canada) and Graham (the Re-Animator) talking about Spider-Man and Batman’s villains, and which rogues gallery is the best. This is long before the podcast really caught its groove. Either way, indulge me in this trip through memory lane.

We’ll Get To That… (aka WG2T) 1: Media & Policy

Welcome to a brand new podcast, featuring Jimmy TR & newcomer Bennett Fiasco!

We’ll Get To That, affectionately known as WG2T, is a podcast about politics, culture, and perception.  Join us!  Always free!

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Left of the Dial: Girl Talk

Welcome to Left of the Dial, I bring you the music because the radio won’t. Do you love music? I mean really love music? So much so that you have a hard time deciding what to listen to? Well now you can listen to all your favorite genres at once through the magic of the mash-up, particularly by the grand wizard of mash-ups: Girl Talk! Continue reading

Geek Thoughts On Plot Holes

Greetings That Ruled Fans! I am Ben From Canada, and I host a podcast called Geek Thoughts. Johnny Oldschool and the Re-Animator join me every few weeks and we discuss things in depth. For our first upload, I’ll share with you the first episode of our “rebooted” show with the permanent cohosts. We discuss our favourite plot holes and how to resolve them. This is from November, hence the mentions of Movember.
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