Doctor Who Retrospective: Season 7 Part 1

Samantha Maybe takes a look back through the first 5 episodes of season 7 of the BBC’s popular Science Fiction series Doctor Who. If you’re somewhat new to Who, have no fear! The important points are spelled out, but if you don’t want spoilers Clear Off! :p

Doctor Who and all related media belong to the BBC

Music used in this episode includes:
A Samantha Maybe cover of An Awful Lot of Running – Chameleon Circuit
Eleven – Chameleon Circuit
The Mad Man With A Box – Doctor Who Series 5
The Same Sonic – Doctor Who Series 5
Little Amy – Doctor Who Series 5
I Am the Doctor in Utah – Doctor Who Series 6
When a River Forms – Doctor Who Series 6
Fear Enough – Doctor Who Series 6
Help is On its Way – Doctor Who Series 5
1969 – Doctor Who Series 6
The Hotel Prison – Doctor Who Series 6
Wedded Bliss – Doctor Who Series 5
Thank You, Craig – Doctor Who Series 5
I Am The Doctor – Doctor Who Series 5
Amy + Rory – Doctor Who Series 5
An Awful Lot of Running – Chameleon Circuit
TARDIS – Doctor Who Series 5

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Where the actual $!@&% has (either) Jimmy been?

In a word:busy.

Life’s been rough around these parts lately, but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting much, much brighter.  “A couple weeks off” turned into “two months of making sure that there would still be a That Ruled”.  Basically, I needed to take the time to make some money to keep things running around these parts.  For a while, it seemed very possible that both my place to live and the very infrastructure of That Ruled was in danger.

More good news: there are a bunch of podcasts that have been recorded, if not edited, that I can release in the coming weeks.

Jimmy TR and Jimmy D will also be seen in the relatively near future, at the very least, on Versus and KTHXDIE, respectively.

I am even going to put together some sort of a schedule (yeah, I know – crazy talk), so that you know what’s coming when.  Look for that in about a week or so (I have a new day job to become accustomed to).

I want to say thanks to all my TR Producers for flying the flag as best they could while I was gone.  Your efforts did not go unnoticed, and I simply cannot thank you enough... but I’ll try.

Special Thanks to TR’s new team members: Ben From Canada and Re-Animator Graham for infusing us with some much-needed new blood and variety.

Extra Special Thanks to SkeleTroy and NNTV for just plain pushing.  Without you gents, This may well be a very different writing.  Thank you.

Super Extra Special Thanks to anyone reading this.  You’re the reason that this community exists.  Thank you.

Great things are afoot, folks.  Thanks for sticking with us.

Jimmy TR

TV(tehe) Supernatural: Torn and the Real Girl…

After 3 months off the tubes, Samantha Maybe returns with a new Supernatural review! Woo!

Supernatural and all related images belong to the CW

Music used in this episode includes:
Back in Black – AC/DC
Outro – Breaking Benjamin
Shippin’ Up to Boston – Dropkick Murphy’s
TARDIS – Doctor Who Series 5

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