CFPE 3 – Junebugs in August

Closing out the original trilogy of CFPE, we follow on as Jimmy descends further into madness, while Samantha, Grant, Skeletroy, and Chris attempt to pull Jimmy into the 21st century.

**NSFW or anyone under 17**

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Comics on the Dot SPECIAL – Time Warp

Loyal Listeners, due to unforeseen circumstances, this week’s CoTD will not be released today. As a consolation prize, we are re-releasing the episode of When That Ruled The World (the podcast that started it all) on Comic Books.  Hear Jimmy TR, Chris NNTV, Thomas Fyrehart, Samantha Maybe, and SkeleTroy Blockbuster discuss their various memories and opinions about growing up in a culture deeply influenced by Comic Books, circa November 2012.

Thanks for listening to our shows – You’re awesome.

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The Isometric Perspective #24 – Gamescom

JimmyTR and Grant talk about Gamescom, the european equivalent of E3. Don’t worry though, there aren’t going to be eight episodes about this one.

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CFPE 2 – The Stingray Business & Queefs (Don’t Tell Chris)

Grant joins the podcast as Jimmy regales the ThatRuled crew with stories from the late 90’s and mid-80’s… and somehow manages to relate passing out on a picnic table to collecting all the first-run Super Powers toys. 

**NSFW or anyone under 17**

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Comics on the Dot 8 – Writing

Jimmy and Chris set out to talk about writers, attempting to continue their discussion of artists last week, only to get much more “big picture” in their discussion of the philosophies of mythology in the process.

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The Isometric Perspective #23 – Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark

Skeletroy and JimmyTR talk about Stealth Bastard (as it’s known for PC),and Jimmy works on his King Diamond impression. 

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CFPE 1 – Furries, the Lottery, & Floppy Disks

Here is the inaugural episode of The Classiest Fucking Podcast Ever!  Loyal listeners to WTRTW and ROTLA will probably remember the origins of this idea.  Anything goes, and nothing is appropriate.  This first installment features Samantha maybe, Jimmy TR, SkeleTroy blockbuster, and NNTV Chris.

NSFW or appropriate for children… obviously.

Adver-tainment Production Journal – Update #4

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Hey everyone, it’s time for another update. Hard to believe it’s been a month already…

Scripts for the entire season are mostly finished. I’ve gone through three rounds of writing/revising, so most of the elements are in place. I still need to figure out a few things, but that usually happens during the production process.

I’ve begun collecting sprites and backgrounds. I forgot to mention it before, but season 2 is going to be 100% animated! I’m going to try something new (for me, anyway) and film myself in front of a green screen doing all the poses I need, and drawing over them to make them look like video game sprites. This is a process called rotoscoping, and was used most famously in the original Prince of Persia game, the film Heavy Metal, and the music video Money For Nothing by Dire Straits.

The release method of the show is going to be one episode every two weeks, as part of a larger series I’m calling “Sunday Night Serials”. Along with Adver-tainment, I have one other video series I’m going to be doing for Sunday Night Serials next year. In the event that I don’t have the next episode of Adver-tainment ready, I’ll probably release an episode of the other show. Between those two shows, that should keep Sunday Night Serials going for almost the entirety of 2014. After that, I intend to make original sprite-based videos in the same style as Adver-tainment.

And finally, each week I reveal a game that is not the game I’m using for the plot, but that I’m using portions of. This week’s game is Final Fight, as I’m using Metro City as the location.

See you next week!

The Isometric Perspective #22 – DuckTales Remastered

Skeletroy and JimmyTR both picked up DuckTales yesterday, and got together to record their first impressions. How does it stack up to the NES original? Find out here. 

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Comics On the Dot 7 – Artists

McFarlane, Liefeld, Larsen, Ditko, Kirby, Lee, Bagley, & Craig – what do we like?  What don’t we like?  More importantly, why?  Chris and Jimmy explore this and more on this episode.

spawn8 spider-man1 spider-man18 trialofvenom xmen1coverAmazingSpider-Man375 venomlethalprotector1 venomlethalprotector2


NNTV Update: 8/13

All right, so I decided to go ahead hand set up a blogspot for NNTV.
(Editors note:you can also reach the blog by going to

It’s basically going to function as a means for me to attempt staying organized and letting people know what’s going on In NNTVLand as it relate, not only to my shows, but anything I’m generally involved in, be it podcasts, crossovers, whatever.  The hiatus SHOULD be over come September 4th.

The updates I’ve already posted on the blog will explain why my schedule is so different from what I revealed was in my upcoming plans.

The Isometric Perspective #21 – TV Shows Based on Video Games

Skeletroy, Grant, and JimmyTR talk about some of the shows that scarred them as children, and Jimmy does impressions of all the Captain N characters.

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Adver-tainment Production Journal – Update #3

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Hey everyone, it’s time for the weekly update! Why am I doing these, you may be asking? There are three answers. 1) I want you to know that I’m working at this, and it’s a huge undertaking. I don’t know of many other internet producers who will start planning out their series half a year in advance, but I also don’t know of many other series like this one. 2) I need to keep myself motivated, and by letting you know what I’ve done in the past week, it shows that I am getting things accomplished. 3) To have a record of what I’ve done, to inform anyone else who may be havings problems trying to accomplish a similar goal. If you have a question, please feel free to ask it and I’ll do my best to answer you.

Over the past few weeks I’ve had several ideas about what I wanted to do with season 2 of Adver-tainment. As many of you know by now, I’m not a person who is interested in doing the same thing over and over (except for maybe the phone gag from season 1), so I’ve been thinking about the direction I want to go. I’ve had enough good ideas to have the initial plan splinter off into two very separate plans. The original idea for season 2 has been put on the back burner, and may potentially be re-visited in another year or two as season 3. I did download over 300 TV commercials, it would be a shame not to use them. Without giving away too much yet, the plan I’m going with now is to pay homage/do a parody of a video game. I’m not going to reveal which game it is yet, but I can say that I’m pulling elements from a LOT of other games to flesh out the story. If season 1 was my love letter to print ads, season 2 will be my love letter to the NES.

As far as I can tell, there are going to be at least eight episodes in season 2, possibly nine. I had previously mentioned there being seven, but that was going with the original plan I had initially set up (to do a total of 20 episodes, and call it a day). I’ve been working hard to get the scripts written, and should have them completed in another week or two. One thing that’s been helping greatly is that I have the support and assistance of the ThatRuled family, which makes joke writing a lot easier. You’re probably going to see/hear a lot of them in this season as well, I’m not going to be throwing roles into the ether and allowing whatever random person on the internet wants to voice them this time. You’re going to hear a lot of my co-hosts from The Isometric Perspective, Grant Beard and JimmyTR (the latter of whom I’ll reveal is going to be playing the role of Nick Fury), as well as my good friend and phenomenal voice actor, Colin Bent. He did the voices for Cap’n Crunch, Mike Haggar, and Dracula in season 1 (as well as several other minor roles), and I’m super excited to be bringing him along for season 2.

Sorry if this update came across as a little cryptic, but I hope you understand that I don’t want to just tell you everything and spoil the surprises I have in store. Check back here next Friday for the next update! There’s a lot of news, stories, and (hopefully) interesting tidbits in the weeks and months to come. Stay tuned!

*August 10th addition* – While I’m not going to reveal what game I’m basing season 2 on, in each update I’ll let you know about a game that I’m using portions of. This week’s game is The Punisher, expect to see a character from that game.

Comics on the Dot 6 – Dr. Doom

Jimmy and Chris talk about their mutually favorite Marvel villain: Doctor Doom!  Latveria, we want dual citizenship.

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How has culture changed in your lifetime?

I’m seeing an unintentional theme in several things I’ve read and heard over the last few days: change.  We all manage it differently, and we certainly all have memories of various changes.

When I was a child, when someone was humiliated (whether intentionally, or by mission of action), that event would eventually fade from memory.  Today, smartphones, social media, and 24/7 access to the worldwide web change all this.  When I came home from school, I felt safe from anyone I perceived as a bully.  Today, they have the ability almost reach through the computer monitor and torment their targets at any time of day.

When I was growing up, Motley Crue, Slayer, Venom, W.A.S.P.,  and Celtic Frost were considered by many to be the devil’s music.  Today, bands like Belphegor, Gorgoroth, Immortal, Dark Funeral, Vital Remains, and Sinister consider themselves to be the instruments of Satan (figuratively, 90% of the time, but, still – big difference).

I remember the Cosby Show as groundbreaking – showing an upscale African-American family on primetime television was, at the time, a big deal.  Today, we have an African-American president.  I honestly did not believe I would live to see that (although I often hoped that I would).  Although racism is alive and more well than I would like today, we’re further along than before.

I recall a 60 Minutes expose’ on Dungeons & Dragons in the early 1980’s – this was the scourge that would tear America’s children apart.  Today, those young RPG players are now passing their storytelling craft and imagination onto their kids (some people find D&D very sexy, apparently).

There are but a few examples.  Our society has been through quite a bit in my lifetime, and I know we have a lot of room to grow.  For better or for worse, what have you seen, and what would you like to see?