CoTD 12 – Cinematic and Animated Universes, Pt 2

Jimmy, Chris, Alanah, & Skeletroy continue their conversation of all things cinematic & comic book.  Enjoy!

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The Isometric Perspective 28 – Tokyo Game Show 2013

While Troy is battling some Gremlins, Grant and Jimmy recap this week’s Tokyo Game Show.  Did Sony deliver the goods?  Find out!

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Top 5 Most Emotional Moments In New Who (So Far)

Hello everyone. I’m still having computer issues, and as such I am also doing this on my dad’s laptop (which I seem to have hijacked since the issues started). Anyway, to pass the time I’ve been watching episodes of the revived version of Doctor Who that I hadn’t seen (or at least hadn’t seen all the way through yet). After watching the episode with a moment that will steal the #1 spot no question, I decided to make this list. So here we go. Here are, in my opinion, the top 5 most emotional moments in New Who history…so far anyway.

Before that though actually, I have one honourable mention.

Honourable Mention: The Unfilmed “P.S.” Epilogue (The Angels Take Manhattan, Series 7)

Since this moment was unfilmed I decided to keep it off the list, but I couldn’t go without mentioning it. In this scene, Brian Williams, father of the character Rory, finds out through a letter from Rory that he’ll never see Rory & Amy again, with the letter itself being delivered by Brian’s own grandson, who happened to be older than him due to the “wibbly wobbly, timey wimey” events of The Angels Take Manhattan.

This moment is very well done, and actually brought me close to crying without even being a filmed scene. It really is a shame that this wasn’t filmed, as I feel, like many other fans, that the character of Brian Williams should’ve had a proper send off, despite not showing up much. Not much else to say on this one I’m afraid, but if you haven’t given it a watch (and are a New Who fan) please, give it a watch. You won’t regret it. With that said, onto the proper list.

Number 5 – “I was gonna be with you…forever.” (Journey’s End, Series 4)

Due to a “two-way biological metacrisis” creating a half-human Doctor and giving Donna Noble the knowledge of a Time Lord, the heroes are able to defeat the Daleks for the umpteenth time. When all of that is over and done with, The Doctor sends Rose and the half-human Doctor to the parallel universe, and notices that Donna seems to be having some sort of issue that makes her get stuck on one word or generally start listing off random things, with the cause being the fact a human is incapable of having a Time Lord consciousness without it killing them. As a result, The Doctor essentially makes Donna forget she ever met him as a way to save her, telling Donna’s mother and grandfather that if she ever remembers her mind will burn and she’ll die (a fact they later write off).

Say what you will about Donna Noble, but I actually really like the character, and she may be my favourite female Tenth Doctor companion. Granted that may simply be because she was the only one who didn’t fawn over the Doctor like a lovesick schoolgirl, but still, I actually found Donna’s farewell to be the most emotional because they were just such great friends, and the friendship had to end with Donna completely forgetting about The Doctor, and interacts with him in a brief scene afterwards like nothing ever happened, which is very powerful and heartbreaking stuff. Also this shows that The Doctor or his companion don’t need to be in love for a farewell to be emotional, since being such great friends means they’d have a strong emotional attachment anyway

Now I’m not saying The Doctor should NEVER be in love with someone, but Rose/The Doctor and Martha’s one sided affection for The Doctor never had me interested. I actually kind of like Rose’s stuff before she becomes a lovesick idiot. Therefore it was a nice change of pace to see The Doctor having a best friend, so seeing that being forced to come to an end, and Donna having to forget ever meeting The Doctor is why Donna’s exit as a companion take my number five spot.

Number 4 – “This is the story of Amelia Pond. And this is how it ends.” (The Angels Take Manhattan, Series 7)

At the end of The Angels Take Manhattan, all seems well until Rory gets “touched by an Angel” and sent back to 1930s NYC again, with a tombstone that previously had his name on it now having the year he died on it. Realising the only way she’ll ever see Rory again is to let herself be touched as well, Amy says a final farewell to River Song & The Doctor and also gets transported back to 1930s NYC, leaving The Doctor in an emotional mess of a state. Later when River says she’ll get Amy to write an Afterword in the book she has to write, The Doctor rushes back to the picnic spot where he, Rory & Amy had been sitting and finds the last page of the book, which he’d previously ripped out, and reads it. In the Afterword Amy reassures The Doctor that both she and Rory are fine, and encourages The Doctor to visit Amy as a young girl and tell her about the adventures she’ll have when she’s older

Seems fellow gingers are my favourite New Who companions. Who knew? Also, the only ginger companions of New Who (thus far) are both female friends of the Doctor rather than love interests…interesting. Anyway, Amy’s departure hit me pretty hard, despite not having previously seen most of her run until now. No lie, I saw all of Series 7 before I’d seen any of Series 6 or most of Series 5, so the fact Amy’s epilogue ALMOST made me cry is a reflection of how well the dialogue was both written and acted. Oddly that’s about all I have to say, so let’s move on.

Number 3 – “EVERYBODY LIVES!” (The Doctor Dances, Series 1)

It was honestly kind of hard to find a way to describe the moment in question, so here’s a video featuring the moment

The first time I gave The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances a proper watch; I did legitimately tear up somewhat at this moment. Not all that much, but there were some actual tears at least. What makes this moment work so well is the Ninth Doctor seems to have accepted beforehand that “everything has its time, and everything dies”, which goes along with PTSD nature of the this incarnation. So to see him hope against hope that this time it could be different, and it actually works out for him, after ALL the crap he’s been through, is just amazingly touching. Generally the way Christopher Eccleston plays this like a kid at Christmas is great to watch and what makes everything work. Here’s a guy who’s the last of his race and has seen so much death and destruction over his long life FINALLY getting a day where everything works out fine and no one dies.

This may actually be my favourite moment of the Ninth Doctor’s series aside from being the series’ most emotional moment, purely because of how legitimately happy Eccleston plays the whole thing and that Ninth’s mood isn’t brought down at all in the closing moments of the episode. All that and Rose not being all that annoying (yet) make this an easy choice for the number three spot. However, this was originally going to be in the number two spot. But then I saw an episode that I had a more emotional reaction to compared to this moment, which leads us to…

Number 2 – “Whatever you are, whatever you do, you’re my son, and I will never, ever send you away” (Night Terrors, Series 6)

Near the end of the episode Night Terrors, The Doctor, Rory and a man named Alex are surrounded by a bunch of human-sized, freaky-as-hell Dolls (one of which being Amy, whom was turned into one) until Alex’s “son” George shows up and the Dolls start to go after him instead. Realising George is still afraid that Alex and his wife would send George away, The Doctor convinces Alex to actually tell George this. After doing so, the alternate reality they were in ceases to exist and everyone who’d been trapped there (or turned into a doll) reappears where they were in the real world before they ended up in this mess.

Trust me; you’re better off seeing the episode than having me explain what happened, it was hard trying to do so and none of it really makes sense unless you’ve seen the episode. But in any case, the line that got this the second spot did get the tears flowing a bit for me, and remains only one of 3 Doctor Who episodes to date to actually do so (aka the top 3 of this list). There still weren’t rivers of tears or anything, but the tears flowed a little more freely than when I watched The Doctor Dances. These days family oriented stuff like this really can get to me a lot easier than it used to, especially when it’s well acted. Seriously, here are two characters that haven’t existed in Doctor Who before and never show up again, but there I was, lightly crying over an emotional moment between the father and son. That’s what you call good writing and acting.

However this moment, nor any moments prior to it, can even come close to what was always going to be the number one moment in my eyes.

Number 1 – The entire final act of “Vincent And The Doctor” (Series 5)

After the stuff involving the “monster-that-didn’t-really-amount-to-anything” is over with, and Vincent Van Gogh has a moment with The Doctor & Amy, The Doctor decides to show Vincent just how respected his work has become, bringing him to tears when an art curator played by Bill Nighy lauds Vincent Van Gogh as the greatest artist to ever live. Having seemed to restore his will to live, Amy & The Doctor return him to his time period and go back to the present, only to find that history didn’t change and Vincent still committed suicide. This hits Amy hard as she thinks they changed nothing, with The Doctor comforting Amy and telling her they did make a difference, and some minor changes, such as Vincent dedicating his sunflower painting to Amy.

As anyone who follows me on Twitter, Tumblr, or is a friend with me on Facebook may already know, this episode broke me. For the first time when watching an episode of Doctor Who, I openly wept. The “Feels Floodgates” were opened all the way. There I was, sitting in my room, silently sobbing and crying my eyes out for a good 2-3 minutes. I even continued to cry well after the episode was over, only coming around when I saw some funny images people had posted on Facebook and/or Tumblr. What makes this more impressing is that I’m not an “art aficionado” so I never knew much or cared about Vincent Van Gogh. The fact this show was able to make me cry about a famous artist I don’t care about is amazing in its own right.

The funny thing is, I’d been joking with a friend that I was expecting “feels” from this episode anyway, but when it was over I was shocked at just how hard it’d hit me. I felt like I needed a hug after all that crying. To make matters worse I, by chance, happened to get a nose bleed when I was starting to calm down again…so that was weird. Anyway, this easily got the top spot simply due to that final act. A live-action TV show has NEVER made me cry like that before, if ever. So it was a very easy pick. If you haven’t seen this episode, I beg you, please give it a watch. Yes, most of the episode is pretty forgettable, but it more than makes up for it in the last few minutes. In case you react the same way I did though, I suggest having a box of tissues or a hanky at the ready.

Well, that’s it. I actually had four out of five moments picked out before I’d even finished watching the episodes I hadn’t previously seen, but even finally finishing Series 6 didn’t change much, aside from the addition of the moment from Night Terrors to this list to round it out. What making this list has taught me is that no matter what people say about New Who, and no matter what low points and head scratching/silly stuff the show does, it can still have a heavy emotional impact when it wants to, as can any form of fiction. In the future I may do more things like this about New Who, but for now I’ll leave it at this. I’m glad I got to finish this when I did, as I won’t have access to a computer/laptop for possibly a week, so it’s good to know I was able to post something here this week to make up for  that. I’ll see you all next time with another article of some kind when I have computer access again.

Consequences & RePercussions 01 – Sam Bean (The Berzerker/Senseless)

Welcome to the first music-related podcast on ThatRuled!  Jimmy and Skeletroy will talk about Jimmy’s history in the industry, as well as their shared trials and tribulations being musicians throughout life.  Once in a while, they’ll have guests, and this guest was so awesome, we decided to make the conversation our first episode!

Here is a wonderful conversation with Sam Bean about The Berzerker, The Senseless, his current projects, on writing the Jimmy TR theme, and some exclusive news!

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Binaridiculous 02 – Technology Misconceptions

Jimmy & Grant return with a tour de force of an episode!  This time, they cover everything modern tech, as it relates to enduser support, aspect ratios, resolutions, hardware, OS’s, and hardware of all kinds.  The prevailing theme? 

You’re probably concerned about all the wrong stuff!  Let Binaridiculous pass your workday more smoothly, and drop some knowledge on you!

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The Isometric Perspective SPECIAL: Sony confirms gameplay capture via HDMI

Jimmy and Troy briefly discuss the breaking news that Sony is allowing gameplay capture through HDMI. 


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Night Of Champions 2013 Review

Hello everyone, and welcome to my first ever written wrestling review. Alas my family’s computer has essentially snuffed it, so until either the memory is recovered or the hard drive generally fixed so it’ll  start working again (or we just flat out get a new computer), I can’t edit/make/post any videos. As a result, I’ve decided to do some of those “written reviews/articles” I’ve heard so much about. Anyway, Night Of Champions 2013, the PPV absolutely no one with half a brain was hyped for. How did it actually turn out though? Well, let’s get on with the review then.

For the record, I’m skipping the pre-show match because the WWE cared so little for it they decided to essentially put “ads” over it in two places. It wasn’t necessarily bad, but if WWE didn’t care, why should I?

Curtis Axel (c) vs. Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental Championship – This match was a very nice  surprise. Before the match Curtis had a go at HHH for ignoring Heyman’s pleas to cancel the handicap match, which led to this match being made when HHH pointed out that every title was supposed to be defended. This was honestly a great move, as I had absolutely no idea who was going to win; it really could’ve gone either way and worked. The match itself was pretty damn good, with only one or two botches here and there, fortunately nothing major. Surprisingly I found myself rooting for Axel to retain, so when he did indeed win, with his modified Snapmare Driver, I was actually relieved. I mean, I’m not a HUGE Axel fan, but I do think he’s better than most people give him credit for. God awful on the mic of course, but wrestling wise he’s good. Another nice touch was how Paul Heyman could go from being completely apathetic about the match, to actually giving Axel advice, to being outright paranoid that Axel may lose. And even when Axel retained the title, Heyman still seemed unconvinced that Axel would be able to hang with CM Punk.

Match Rating: 7/10 – A good opening match that definitely got me pumped for a PPV I didn’t care about in the slightest beforehand. An extra point or two were given due to the fact I had absolutely no idea who was going to win, making the match that much more exciting than it would’ve been normally.

AJ Lee (c) vs. Natalya vs. Naomi vs. Brie Bella for the Divas Championship – As expected this match didn’t really go all that long, though it was longer than most typical Diva’s matches. Granted I stopped and started it a few times so that might be why it felt so short. Anyway, the match itself was pretty good for what it was. Naomi was the stand out woman of the match with half the things she did, though the moment of the match was Natalya getting both Naomi and Brie in a Sharpshooter at the same time. I have never seen that done before, let alone by a female wrestler. AJ Lee retains in the end in what felt like an oddly anti-climactic moment. Though I guess it at least meant Naomi & Brie had to actually sell the double Sharpshooter, so that’s fine I guess. Either way, the match was better than I expected, which was a very nice surprise.

Match Rating: 5/10 – A point was taken off due to the ending feeling a bit anti-climactic. That and because Brie never once did a Flying Mare. The Bella Twins used to do those all the damn time when they debuted; now they NEVER do them? What the hell guys? Also Brie Bella looked like jailbait in that outfit; just putting that out there.

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Rob Van Dam for the World Heavyweight Championship – The more I thought about it, the more I realised how much potential this match had, and definitely lived up to it. Plenty of good spots, including Alberto getting his knees up to block the 5-Star Frog Splash and locking RVD in the Cross Armbreaker from the mat instead of standing. There was at least three notable things that could almost be considered botches, but the only blatant looking botch was Alberto either completely missing with the “Back Stabber”, or RVD generally reacting too late and missing Alberto’s knees, landing back first on the mat. The ending…ok yeah I’m probably in the boat of people calling BS on it, but it made sense. RVD/Del Rio is going to continue so RVD gets the DQ win but no title, and neither man gets pinned or taps out. If this was their “feud ender” then I’d be more annoyed, but it didn’t really bother me too much. If it did, it was one of those cases where the match was going so well that the DQ finish kind of wrecked it a bit. Either way, the match was good; and the post-match Van Terminator after Del Rio tried attacking RVD was a nice touch.

Match Rating: 8/10 – This didn’t really have any points taken off, since I don’t think I would’ve given it a nine. However it was held back a bit by the DQ finish, despite me not really having much of an issue with it.

The Miz vs. Fandango – To be perfectly honest, the only thing worth mentioning about this match is that Fandango pulled out a Falcon’s Arrow; that move doesn’t get used in WWE nearly enough. Not a terrible match, but it was extremely forgettable.

Match Rating: 4.5/10 – Miz won by the way

CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman in a No DQ Elimination Handicap match – I had no expectations going into this match. Honestly? That was probably a good thing, because this wasn’t necessarily a great match. It was good for what it was (and over-gimmicked way of getting Heyman into things), but it was by no means great. Regardless I did enjoy it. Axel not being completely squashed by Punk was nice. It made sense that Punk would get passed Axel in the end, unless Heyman had gotten involved to save himself, which I’m kind of surprised didn’t happen, given the “thrown-on-at-the-last-minute” No DQ stipulation. Heyman got the beating of his life, and I’ll be damned if most of those screams weren’t legitimate. Punk didn’t seem to be holding back at all with his kendo stick shots, especially after having handcuffed Heyman at one point, and it was kind of hard to watch or listen to after a while.

I figured if Heyman & Axel won that a run-in would happen, even if it was just Axel coming back in. But I can tell you right now, I had absolutely no idea the run-in would’ve been Ryback. Yet another nice surprise; and Ryback showing up allowed the table to finally get used. Due to Ryback’s involvement Punk loses, and Heyman remains undefeated as far as being involved in multi-man matches in the WWE goes, having defeated the likes of The Hardy Boyz (pinning Jeff Hardy specifically), RVD, and Eddie Guerrero; with CM Punk now being added to that list. Clearly Paul Heyman should be WWE Champion by now.

Match Rating: 6/10 – Yes. This match has a lower rating than Axel/Kingston. Deal with it, that was a better overall match.

Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler for the United States Championship – Oh, for a second there when The Shield’s music hit I thought we were getting the Tag Title match. I honestly had no idea this match was happening. Then again, aside from having boycotted RAW, I’ve been unintentionally missing SmackDown a lot lately. This was a relatively short match, and despite not being terrible, nothing much to write home about. Granted the roll-through Ziggler did after Ambrose locked him in a full nelson, turning it into a pinfall, was pretty interesting. That’s about it though. Oh, and Ambrose wins…thank God.

Match Rating: 5/10 – Relatively short and forgettable, but not as forgettable as The Miz vs. Fandango.

The Shield (Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins) (c) vs. The Prime Time Players (Darren Young & Titus O’Neil) for the WWE Tag Team Championships – This match was actually better than I expected it would be, despite also being relatively short. I mean, it wasn’t great, but I did enjoy it and it was definitely worth watching. That’s about all I can say though, not much else to really point out. Reigns & Rollins pick up the win and retain the belts after Roman spears the hell out of Titus when the referee was distracted. I am ok with this. I’m a fan of both teams anyway so either result would’ve been fine for me.

Match Rating: 6/10 – Bugs me that it was so short, but they did the best they could with the time given, and the ending didn’t feel like a cop out.

Randy Orton (c) vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship – To be perfectly honest with you, this match did not live up to the hype. Like every other match it wasn’t terrible, but aside from a few big bursts from Bryan the rest was pretty standard fair for these two. The main interesting thing was Scott Armstrong managing a fast count. Like, wow, Scot Armstrong? Possibly the slowest ref in WWE managed a fast count? Just, wow. Also, this match will go down in the history books as containing the FASTEST referee change I’ve ever seen in my life. Seconds after Scott Armstrong goes down, a new ref shows up out of nowhere. That like…never happens. Or if it does, it’s usually a pretty rare occurrence. In any case, Bryan manages to pull out the win after Armstrong fast counts. Not that that’ll necessarily amount to anythi-oh.

Well…ummmm…yeah I got nothing.

Match Rating: 6/10 – Had some decent hype, and wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be.

Overall PPV Rating: 6.07/10 – Worth at least one watch, but overall this is a PPV you wouldn’t necessarily feel bad about missing.

Match Of The Night: Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto Del Rio – This is going purely by the ratings I gave the matches by the way. Considering this match got the highest rating from me, it ended up being match of the night. I’d say it is pretty accurate though in any case.

Final Thoughts: I went into this with low expectations; and even though it surpassed those low expectations, the overall PPV was still pretty mediocre. The Punk match was nothing special; the main event was alright but could’ve been better, and generally I bet this PPV will be forgotten about fairly quickly, especially due to the main event’s outcome being rendered void the next night. If you haven’t watched it yet, I still suggest you give it a watch; if anything just to form your own opinion on the show. If you have seen the PPV, what are your thoughts? Do you agree with my opinion? Or do you think I’m incredibly wrong and need to be raped by a giant gorilla because of it? Hopefully the former, but I’ll leave it up to you guys.

CotD 11 – Cinematic and Animated Universes, Part 1

Jimmy and Chris are joined by That Ruled producers Alanah Sees and Skeletroy Blockbuster to discuss the relationship between comic book universes on and of the silver screen.

Part 1 of 3 – only because we couldn’t shut up (and we really missed Alanah).

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The Isometric Perspective # 27 – Computer Gaming

Skeletroy, Grant, and Jimmy talk about some of their earliest memories about playing video games on computers.

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Dan DiDio, DC Fans…We Need To Talk

For any of you that pay any attention to my twitter at all and notice the degree of ranting or lecturing I do, thank you for putting up with me, because frankly, I feel like if I didn’t do that, I’d only sparsely contribute to Twitter at all and I know how powerful a marketing tool it can be so I’m trying to simply stay active, gathering as many “friends” for myself and the site as I can.  Collaboration is the ticket, after all.  But over the past few days or even weeks on twitter, there’s been a movement.  An explosion, if you will, to get Mr. Dan DiDio fired from DC.  Now, with respect to both sides of the argument, DiDio, folks, have a seat.  We all need to have words.  DiDio…you first.

Now, in defense of DiDio, I know what he MEANT to say however long ago it was that he remarked that Superheroes shouldn’t have happy personal live.  But, Mr. DiDio, sir, as someone who is a fan of common-freaking-sense, I will say this…you chose your words PATHETICALLY.  What you MEANT was that Superheroes should not have cartoonishly PERFECT personal lives in which everything is hunky dory and nothing goes wrong.  The way you made it SOUND, however, was that all heroes ever must be miserable at almost all times behind closed doors.  That’s the message you conveyed.

Now, for the point that you were trying to make, or at least what my take on what I believe you meant, I don’t fully agree or disagree.  A good comic, say, Spider-Man focuses, not just on the drama of being a superhero, but the drama they encounter behind closed doors.  AND it focuses on how their being a superhero affects their personal lives.  For a character like Batman, the idea of sacrificing one’s personal life makes sense.  But not all heroes are freaking Batman, sir.  Batman WATCHED his parents being murdered two feet  away when he was a SMALL CHILD.  It’s safe to say that he is perhaps the most justifiably scarred hero in the Justice League.  He sacrifices his personal life to assure that what happened to him will never happen to anyone else.  But even he isn’t without having happier moments behind closed doors.  The Bat Family is just that…a family.  Alfred, Barbara, Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, and so-on are family to him.  They bring him happiness and keep him grounded.  They are his foundation, so to speak.  But why you seem so utterly hard-pressed to make ALL of their lives as grim as his is beyond me.

I don’t want to get into the particulars of this Bat-Woman marriage fiasco too much, but, in short, this was you deciding not to play ball.  Because you decided not to play ball, you lost the creative team that was doing its darnedest to make the book as great as it apparently was (I have not read it, I do not need to.  The issue is universal).  Setting aside, for a moment, the fact that you’re assuming marriage = peachy keen happiness, why does the entire Bat Family have to suffer and struggle in the way that Bruce does personally?  There are all manner of ways a person can struggle in their personal lives.  Going back to Spider-Man, the guy’s life is anything but easy, made more difficult by the fact that, somewhere down the line, the writers really started hating Peter Parker.  But initially he was struggling with paying the mortgage, worrying about GETTING a date, dealing with growing up and all other manner of complications that life can throw at you, especially when you decide to “split yourself in half”.  There are other ways that people can struggle.  Making everyone in the Bat Family isolated from even having a personal life defeats the purpose of the Bat Family for one, and actually makes them, as Batman’s support, less interesting because then they’re just re-skins of him.

Going back to the subject of marriage briefly.  This one, I know, is not just you, DiDio…but the way you went about this had ZERO class, at all.  For all the hate we give Marvel’s treatment of the subject, they at least had the decency to try and make a story out of the split between Peter and MJ (however god awful it was) instead of just deciding AT THE LAST SECOND to not let the marriage happen in editing, driving the creative team off.  But better yet, just let the two crazy kids get hitched.  There are plenty of ways you can incorporate drama into the relationship without it being grating.  And I will bet you MONEY; the creative team you drove off had plans for how to do it.

The point is that a hero doesn’t have to sacrifice their personal lives absolutely in order to be a hero.  By virtue of what you SAID, you make it sound like, under no circumstances, should a police officer, fire fighter, paramedic, or what have you, be allowed happiness…and now you may proceed to try and work your foot out of your mouth and that pole out of your backside…because that’s just the first hand stuff.

Let’s talk, for a moment, about your Twitter feed.  Your twitter IS NOT the official DC Twitter.  You are perfectly free to speak how you will.  Unless DC’s sales drop as a result of your expressing a lack of content with how things are going, I doubt, VERY HIGHLY, that it’ll cost you your job like so many fans (honestly, myself not withstanding) have been calling for.  Your Twitter, in particular your responses to the fans that express contempt towards your little pet project can be summed up in the following phrase.  “Hi, I’m Dan DiDio, and I’m DC’s go-to Tool!”  You do recognize that, yes?  Ya screwed up.  Ya drove away a NUMBER of creative teams and lost MANY customers…show some accountability.  We fans wouldn’t be half as critical of you if you weren’t so hard-pressed to defend every single action as if Jack Kirby himself told you to do it in a dream and therefore it must be okay.  Just say it for ONCE in your history with DC.  “I was wrong”.  PLEASE say it.  I know your ego’s as fragile as wet tissue paper but it’s really all I’m asking of you.

Now…fellow fans…I want to start by telling anyone that’s just a DC Apologist to leave because the bulk of you will probably explode at what I’m about to say.  Whether that be in glee or in rage is up to you.

To those of us who are/were supporting the “#FireDiDio” trend on Twitter…get this.  DC is owned by Warner Bros.  Warner Bros is THE rival to Disney…the Disney that owns Marvel and Star Wars.  As Jimmy stated in Episode 10 of Comic on the Dot, the sheer amount of “Absolute Power!” Disney has is ludicrous…and Warner Bros can rival it.  Warner Bros IS NOT going to do a THING just because of a hashtag.  And I’m sorry but a minor dip in DC’s profits isn’t going to do anything either.  Does that mean we lose?  No.  Does that mean we give up?  HECK no.  It means we just gotta find a way to play smarter.  The simple fact is that Dan DiDio is making DC money.  DC’s profits took such a huge bump when New 52 came around, that the dip it took well into New 52’s run is still more money than they were making before the reboot happened.  We, the fans, shouldn’t stop what we’ve been doing.  It’ll hold water.  But if we want to do anything, a hashtag and a minor price drop isn’t going to help.  We’ve gotta play ball too.  We should be finding ways of showing that there were other ways of making money WITHOUT alienating the fans they already had and I am not talking about apologist butt kissers who will follow every move they make.  I am talking about fans who, like me, will scold DC when they pull something this freakin’ stupid.  The amount of money DC stands to make from creating the equivalent of Marvel’s Ultimate Universe as I have proposed before would have been infinitely more than the money made from this reboot.  Why?  They’d be attracting new fans WITHOUT alienating old ones and driving them away from books.

“But the multiple universes are too hard to keep up with!”

People…the way DC traditionally HANDLES alternate universes is what makes it so difficult.  If it was really that difficult, then the Ultimate Universe, however sucky it may or may not be right now, would not still exist.  It’s as simple as that.  Clearly, people are buying them.  I have more than one acquaintance who like both the 616 and Ultimate Spider-Man comics and know the ins-and-outs of both and can RECITE them to you.  Showing them the figures is what’ll make a difference.  We don’t live in a world of sincerity, sadly.  We live in the world where major organizations, even ones geared toward entertainment, care about money more than a following.   DC simply has to get better at handling multiple universes, and the way to do THAT is to not be so determined to make them cross into one another.  But it does work and the only idea I can think of for DC not doing it is that they don’t want anyone to say that they’re blatantly copying Marvel…even though both companies have already BEEN blatantly copying one another for at LEAST two decades now.

DiDio, come back in here, this is for both parties.  I keep hearing Earth-2 is a great book.  I have no interest in it but many view this as the pinnacle of how an alternate universe book should be handled.  So the idea is simply this.  Bring back the old DCU and keep New 52 as a separate universe.  Iron out some kinks in both and there you go.  Money WILL be made from this.  You’ll be winning back old fans, keeping the ones you hooked with New 52, and everyone will be happy.  No one will have to call for your head as long as you don’t pull stupid crap like this again.  This is quite honestly the ultimate compromise.  Give Geoff Johns or someone else who respects his or her fellow creative teams the oversight over the “Old” DCU.  You can keep the New 52 Universe and iron it out…but I really REALLY suggest you work on your communication skills so things like losing creative teams and your twitter backlash don’t happen again.

Until I see some change in that direction or at least close to it, I’m not satisfied with the way things are being run at DC.  You may dismiss this as just the ramblings of another obviously biased fan, DiDio, but I am honestly concerned that you guys at DC don’t know what you’re doing wrong.  Fans, raging at the man isn’t going to do ANYTHING.  AT ALL.  If we want some change, we’ve got to be willing to play ball and compromise.  It’s as simple as that.  If there are ways you can think of that will get DC more money while supporting our cause, show ‘em, because otherwise, we’re not going to see that change.

Until that change comes, stand on whatever side of the debate you wish.  I’d prefer the debate didn’t need to exist…but it does.  If DiDio doesn’t start showing some accountability and start running things more tightly, I’ll continue to support the “#FireDiDio” movement.  But I am not unreasonable and I am nothing, if not practical.  So I acknowledge that all said movement does, for the time being, is allow me to vent.  Therefore, I am willing to seek out a middle ground, because there has to be one.  Don’t just rage.  Contribute something meaningful.  To quote Jimmy again, “Use your %$&@ing Noggins!”  It really isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Thanks for your time, guys,


The ABCs of Death: “M is for MMA (Masked Martial Artist)”

Hey everyone, Skeletroy here. This is a contest entry for the 2nd “ABCs of Death” competition. Please click on the link, and hit the like button while you’re there. This contest is based on the amount of likes each video recieves, so your support really helps. Also, keep an eye out for me in the video! Thanks for watching!

“M is for MMA” is a video by Dead By Dawn Productions, a horror based production company from Nova Scotia, Canada.

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