About ThatRuled

At That Ruled, we review past, present, and future pop culture: movies, television, comic books, cartoons, wrestling, and the like. There’s always a talking head somewhere around here!

There’s also an extensive array of podcasts, ranging from politics, pop culture, geekery, video games, comics, you name it!

Are blogs your thing? ¬†We’ve got ’em!

The only promise we can make is that you’ll laugh, and maybe learn a piece of useless information. Enjoy!

Current Contributors:

  • Jimmy TR/Jimmy D/Grindhead Jim
  • Skeletroy Blockbuster
  • Samantha Maybe
  • Grant Beard (Gothran B)
  • NetworkNext TV (CyniCritic/Ink/WiseGuy)
  • The CineMasochist
  • Fyrehart, Inc.
  • Re-Animator (Left of the Dial/Re-Animated Blogs)
  • Alanah Sees
  • Buxomia (New podcast TBA)
  • Ben From Canada
  • Johnny OldSchool

Any interested contributors should write in to Submission@ThatRuled.com!

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