Adver-tainment Season 2 Production Journal – Update #1

Hey everyone, Skeletroy here to give you some updates as to what’s going on in the world of Adver-tainment. I have made the decision to go for a second season, but that’s going to take some time. So while I’m knee deep in pre-production I thought I’d share some things to pass the time a little quicker. The following pictures are (obviously) not yet completed, and may not be representative of the finished product.

As you can see in this first picture, I’m updating the lettering to give it a more stylized look.

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I’m going to do parodies of these ABC commercial bumpers; there will be one for each episode, so I’m going to make seven of them in total.


I know this isn’t a big update, but hopefully it’s enough to show you what I’m currently working on. Thanks for your patience and enthusiasm; season 2 of Adver-tainment begins in January!

*August 10th addition* – While I’m not going to reveal what game I’m basing season 2 on, in each update I’ll let you know about a game that I’m using portions of. This week’s is Super Mario Bros. You’re probably going to see some backgrounds and characters on the show.

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  1. I can’t wait to see what you come up with this time.

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