Thank you for 850 Giveaway!

Thank you for 850 Giveaway! is now available! GrindheadJim on Twitch!
Jim has the traditional giveaway stream for the 850 milestone! Wine, Millionaire, Crusts, and lots of fun surprises. Make sure you watch the whole thing – there’s some great moments here. I love this community so much!

Schedule Consistency is now a thing!

Schedule Consistency is now a thing! was just posted by me on Twitch!
Evening streams will always be The Thing on stream days. Anything else is a bonus. I want you guys to know when to be here. 🙂

The Signal – Green Lantern: First Flight

Stay Tuned after the review for a special announcement and an important update.
Ink wraps up the first installment of THE SIGNAL with his review of the DC Animated feature, Green Lantern: First Flight

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Editor’s Panel (EP1)

The creator of NNTV talks the future of Ink’s show and the channel as a whole.

One thing I did not mention in the video is that the show will also be going through a slight format change when the new season comes around.  Nothing is being removed.  However, one or two things may be added. 🙂

Being a Kaijew During the Holidays

Jimmy wants to take a moment to explain his holiday tradition to you, and to wish you a safe and happy one, no matter how (or if) you choose to celebrate.
May Godzilla Be With You.