Doctor Gotye?

This is a song I wrote, well I wrote the words, Gotye wrote the music.


Now and then i think of how much I adore you
Man with a blue time machine who can never die
Cause you’ll just regenerate you see, you can change your face but still know me
What would London do without you in December?

Society’s accustomed to a brand of entertainment
Just high explosives and no brains, hardly any brains
All this bad science it just makes no sense
Steven Moffat keeps me in suspense
But my life would feel so dull if it was over

You know I’ll never turn you off
Even if Russel’s rehired I’ll keep on watching
And you’ll always have my love, if someone kills the TARDIS that would be too much
Hope I never have to stoop so low
All my friends’ll write fanfiction and I’ll lose their numbers
Maybe I’ll want that though, if you’re just not the Doctor that I used to know

I’ll still remember all the species that have screwed you over
But in the end you were safe if you’d just run
And I don’t want you to go away, but I’m afraid that if you stay
One day i’ll turn on BBC and say, “hey whatever happened to the Doctor that I used to know?”

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