Supernatural Review Episode 808: Hunteri Heroici

Samantha Maybe watches episode 8 of season 8 of the CW’s Supernatural. There are nerdy references and cartoony nonsense everywhere.

Supernatural belongs to the CW.

Music in this episode includes: Heffalumps & Woozles – Powerglove

Tetris – Powerglove

TARDIS – Doctor Who: Series 5


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One thought on “Supernatural Review Episode 808: Hunteri Heroici

  1. D’aw. Look at Shadow, bein adorable.

    Yeah, I’m less than thrilled with the Amelia plotline, it’s boring and kind of gross. It’s like Cassie all over again with the “your face and body is awkward and there’s zero chemistry here and please shutup always” feelings.

    I was super weirded out by the casting of her father, because he was in Phantom Traveler back in season 1 as a friend of John’s, so I felt very thrown. It confused me.

    The one thing I guess I’m sort of glad about is that at least now Sam’s premature leaving of Amelia makes some sense, that he was going to return to hunting or just the cabin anyway because her dead husband wasn’t so dead after all, and after one more night of awkward sex, I guess he just left? Okay…

    Stupid flashbacks are stupid.

    I dunno, I still didn’t enjoy this episode, but I’ma rewatch it in the hopes it’ll fix itself. It had cute moments, but overall, it felt like a C+ for me. Maybe I’m just lacking the watching-alongside-Sam component. It’s likely.

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