Harassment, Sexism, and Shitty Behavior: My Final Say


I’ve been trying to keep my nose out of this subject for a while, but since everyone and their grandma has been talking about it and I have heard very few people echo my view on this whole thing, I thought I might as well throw my two cents in as well as get a few things off my chest. I realize that talking about this particular topic, especially on the Internet, and especially on this corner of the Internet is like farting in a crowded elevator, but trying to find a rational, unbiased perspective on this incident has been about as fruitful as looking for diamonds in a septic tank. This is me closing the book on this debacle. After this, I never want to partake in this topic again. But before we go any further, I want to make my stance on a few things clear. Continue reading

Why Anita Sarkeesian Should Make Her Own Video Game (And Why She Won’t)

If you ever want to get the Internet’s blood boiling, there’s no better surefire way than going on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or any gaming message board and uttering these two words: Anita Sarkeesian. Over the past year, Ms. Sarkeesian, founder and producer of the YouTube channel Feminist Frequency, home of the web series “Tropes vs. Women” and Continue reading