Music Kombat Klassics – Last Christmas

Here we have yet another archived Music Kombat episode. This time it’s “the Christmas episode”, where Thomas decides which version of the song Last Christmas he likes more. The original by Wham!, or a cover by the Australian group Human Nature.

Fyreharticles: Top Ten Cities/Places That Should Be Destroyed On Film

New York City getting destroyed is a bit overdone by now, isn’t it? That and London. Thankfully the times are changing and, spoilers, San Francisco (along with Las Vegas and a city in Hawaii) got decimated in the new Godzilla movie. So it seems Hollywood has at least temporarily stopped using NYC as its whipping boy, and I’d say it’s about time they focused on other perfectly good cities that are worth decimating on film for dramatic effect (just to clarify, dramatic effect equals “a quick buck” in this scenario). So, here’s ten cities I think Hollywood should unleash their fury upon.

#10 – Detroit, USA

 Not much to look at I guess, but maybe the crime rate would go down in that movie’s universe. After sharply spiking anyway.

#9 – Moscow, Russia

 Seems like everyone hates Russia at the moment. Why not capitalise on that by having a giant monster wreck shit in Moscow? Seems like that concept would make money.

#8 – Sydney, Australia

 I mean, if a Godzilla/general Kaiju movie took place in Australia they wouldn’t have to shoehorn in a token Asian character. There’s PLENTY of Asians in Australia, so the entire human cast could be Asian and it wouldn’t look weird. Plus Godzilla will only ever meet his match against an Australian made Kaiju. If everything in Australia can already kill you, just think about how bad a giant monster born in Australia would be. Might have a new runner for The King Of Monsters.

#7 – Perth, Australia

In Western Australia there are two things. The city of Perth and a whole lot of nothing. Clearly a giant monster or a tsunami would have a lot more impact in a place like that. See #8 for the aforementioned reasoning as to why an Aussie Kaiju could also work.

#6 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Considering pot smokers the world over seem to view this place so highly (no pun intended, I swear to God), it seems like the perfect target for on-screen demolition. As long as the movie is a comedy and, if it’s a monster movie, the monster isn’t a giant robotic bong, it should be fine. Though that does sound intriguing.

#5 – Belfast, Northern Ireland

See #10

#4 – Any City In Japan That Isn’t Tokyo

Seriously guys why do I always keep hearing Tokyo gets destroyed? Go for Okinawa or Kyoto or Horishi-ok maybe not Hiroshima but you see my point right?

#3 – Small Town, Anywhere

Any small town, fictional or real. Just not so small that a giant monster would squish the entire place underfoot in one step. That’d be a realty short movie.

#2 – The Entire State Of Vermont, USA

I heard that this is the least crime ridden place in the US, or at least was at some point. By that information, it’s clearly the best place to utterly destroy. Just look at how quickly that image washes away when people start looting.

#1 – My Hometown (No picture because ha, not falling for that…again)

Seriously, please, I would pay for a full price ticket to see my hometown destroyed in a movie. Hell I’d pre-order the DVD. Doesn’t have to be a giant monster, it could be that a cyclone finally hits this place, or the Great Barrier Reef has finally given way and a tsunami could hit. Just do SOMETHING to it.

Anyway, that’s that. Any cities or towns you’d like to see utterly devastated on film? There was probably truck loads more I could’ve mentioned, but I figured I should keep the list short. Also, how would you decimate the city you’d like to see levelled in film if you had your way?