Skeletroy’s Favorite Commercials

Hey folks, I know it’s been a while since I’ve done any updates, so I figured I should let you know I haven’t gone away. Far from it, to be honest – I’m currently working on a huge animation project, and it may take a long time before I release anything.

This new project started out as a sequel for Adver-tainment, but kept gradually moving away from the “commercials” aspect of it. In light of that, I’d like to share three of my favorite commercials with all of you.

3. War Amps PSA – Astar the robot

So creepy. So scary. So memorable. This ad has been burned in my brain since the 80s, and is one of the big reasons why I wish I was a robot – if my arm came off, I could just put it back on. There was a terrible CG remake of this ad in the late 90s, and it lost most of its bizarre charm in doing so.

2. Sapporo – Legendary Biru

While most commercials are made to simply sell a product, this one was made out of love (and probably a little hate with all the editing). It’s a two minute ascent, from a rocky cavernous base to a sumo tournament to fire breathing dragons, eventually reaching a city skyline at night. It’s punctuated by a wonderfully percussive tune; no dialogue is spoken as none is needed. Over 5 years later and this ad still looks great, and is still a treat to watch.

1. Omega Co-Axial Chronometer

It’s going to take a lot for a new commercial to kick this one from the top spot. This is art. Everything about it lines up to create something incredible. The visuals are breathtaking in their design. The song “Smiling” by Henry Gregson-Williams (best known for his involvement on the Metal Gear Solid soundtacks) fits so well with the video that it tugs on the heart strings. I’ve heard of people who have gone to places like the Vatican or the Sistine Chapel and have been so filled with awe and wonder that they openly weep. This commercial IS my Sistine Chapel. In the words of the narrator, “there are moments so perfect you can hardly believe they were made by humans.” This definitely counts as one of those moments.