Video Games That Ruled – South Park: The Stick of Truth


Warning: This contains some minor spoilers, it’s basically some of my vacation photos in South Park. If you’re a fan of the show, just do yourself a favor and go buy The Stick of Truth now. Seriously you guys, respect this game’s authority. For everyone else, let’s continue to Colorado’s most famous quiet little mountain town. ┬áHere I am in front of my family’s new house.


As you can see (especially if you click on the pictures to see the enlarged versions), the game looks exactly like the show. In my opinion, this is the most accurate TV show-to game conversion I’ve ever played, and is by no means a crappy cash in title like the South Park games on the N64 and PlayStation. I met a lot of characters from the show, the first being Butters, who is one of my all time favorite South Park characters.


Butters, a young Paladin, told me all about a war that’s going on in South Park: a fierce struggle between the humans and the elves. We made haste to Kupa Keep to speak with the Grand Wizard.


It was there that I met Cartman the Grand Wizard, I was introduced to some of the Knights of Kupa Keep, and I got to select my character class. I also found out about the Stick of Truth; he who controls the stick gets to make the rules. This is why the elves want to own it, for then they can control the universe.


Don’t gaze at it’s awesomeness for too long. After an invasion/tutorial battle, the Grand Wizard instructed me to get the rest of the Knights, as the stick had been stolen during the elves’ attack. We gathered and made our plans.


Now that you know the basic set up, I’m not going to explain the rest of the story. If seeing these pictures hasn’t made you want to play the game, the only thing left to explain is the gameplay. It’s very reminiscent of the Paper Mario series, from running around town to the timed attacks in the battles. Running around the town is awesome, and most of the classic locations are present, from the school to the town hall to the abortion clinic. There are TONS of references to the show, from seeing Scuzzlebutt in Jimbo’s gun shop to hanging out with the Goth kids.


The game is basically an interactive, 15-20 hour long episode of South Park. It serves as a wonderful love letter to the series, as references are ever-present. Terrance and Philip dolls and hundred of other item drops, collecting Chinpokomon, Al Gore’s obsession with ManBearPig, depositing money at the bank…the only thing I could think of that I would have added would be a boss battle with Woodsy the Owl in the Lost Forest. This is pure, unfiltered fan service, and the game takes the storyline to South Park extremes. The only times I didn’t have a huge smile on my face was when my jaw was dropped.


I, uh…I don’t want to explain this next one. All I’m going to say is that any time you see Randy onscreen, you’re going to laugh. I sure did.


Meeting the Princess of Canada was definitely a highlight of my adventure. Watch out for Dire Snakes in the Canadian wilderness! You know what a dire snake is, don’t you? They’re like snakes…but dire.


I took a lot more pictures, but you really need to just play this game for yourself. There’s so much I’d like to tell you about, but I don’t want to ruin the surprises (and there are a lot of surprises). This picture of me, the classic line-up, and Randy is pretty sweet though.


And I’ll totally admit, I was a little sad when my adventure ended and the sun sank over the horizon.


I know a lot of people have a lot of different definitions when it comes to immersive gaming, but to essentially put myself into a show I’ve watched for 17 years and to have it honestly FEEL like I’m a part of that world was an experience I’ve never quite felt before. I can’t stress this enough – if you’re a big fan of the show, you NEED to play South Park: The Stick of Truth.