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At That Ruled, we review past, present, and future pop culture: movies, television, comic books, cartoons, wrestling, and the like. There’s always a talking head somewhere around here!

There’s also an extensive array of podcasts, ranging from politics, pop culture, geekery, video games, comics, you name it!

Are blogs your thing?  We’ve got ’em!

The only promise we can make is that you’ll laugh, and maybe learn a piece of useless information. Enjoy!

Current Contributors:

  • Jimmy TR/Jimmy D/Grindhead Jim
  • Skeletroy Blockbuster
  • Samantha Maybe
  • Grant Beard (Gothran B)
  • NetworkNext TV (CyniCritic/Ink/WiseGuy)
  • The CineMasochist
  • Fyrehart, Inc.
  • Re-Animator (Left of the Dial/Re-Animated Blogs)
  • Alanah Sees
  • Buxomia (New podcast TBA)
  • Ben From Canada
  • Johnny OldSchool

Any interested contributors should write in to Submission@ThatRuled.com!

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