Adver-tainment! Episode 4

Skeletroy ties up some loose ends from episode 3, reads some Marvel comics, and solves a mystery. Also featuring: “Zit Fighters from Outer Space”, and “The X-Men Adventure”.

One thought on “Adver-tainment! Episode 4

  1. a) I think that’s my favorite tag line ever, “Because you only get one face!”
    b) Wait, doesn’t everyone have a maze of madness in their home?
    c) Man, the Silver Surfer is such a jerk, I love it.
    d) Kurt’s racist comments please me.
    e) let’s see if I can get this right….
    Cyclops = mutant
    Banshee = mutant
    Spiderman = not, just a cautionary tale against spiders and nuclear experimentation…
    Cannonball = mutant
    Hulk = not, just yet another cautionary tale against nuclear experimentation…
    Dr. Strange = not, I’m pretty sure he’s just a doctor who uses magic…
    Rogue = mutant
    Captain America = not, just a super soldier with really good manners…
    Jean Grey = mutant
    Juggernaut = mutant
    What’s my score? XD

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