Adver-tainment Season 2 Production Journal – Update #2

Hi everyone, I’m back with another update. A week sure does go by fast, doesn’t it? I’m not sure if any of these are going to be big updates, but the reason behind them is twofold: To let you know what’s going on, and to keep me on task. So first off, I’d like to show you the finished version of last week’s pictures.

not brought to you by

I finished up the lettering. I ended up doing the entire alphabet so I wouldn’t have to do certain letters later.


I also finished up the “After these messages” background, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. It was a bit of a challenge to get the Adver-tainment logo merged into the brick wall, but I think it turned out just fine.

Sequence 01

And finally, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that I don’t really want to give away right now, so I’d like to show you the evolution of the Adver-tainment logo itself. The logos are as follows: 1. The original logo. 2. The “hollow” version I made and barely used for the Halloween episodes. 3. The “neon” logo was made for fun, and is just a variation of the hollow one. 4. The neon logo placed on top of the original logo, this is the official logo for season 2. 5. The “brick wall” logo.

logo evolution

Be sure to check back here next Friday for the next update!

*August 10th addition* – While I’m not going to reveal what game I’m basing season 2 on, in each update I’ll let you know about a game that I’m using portions of. This week’s game is Rolling Thunder. Expect to see at least one background from the game.