Comics on the Dot 6 – Dr. Doom

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Jimmy and Chris talk about their mutually favorite Marvel villain: Doctor Doom!  Latveria, we want dual citizenship.

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2 thoughts on “Comics on the Dot 6 – Dr. Doom

  1. I know neither of you are big X-Men fans, but another Marvel villain I’d put into that “better than you” superiority-type mentality would be Apocalypse. He’s the first mutant ever, has lived by and imposed the “survival of the fittest” mentality since he was old enough to know the meaning of the term, and has been worshiped as a god countless times over the past 5000 years. Apocalypse, just as much as (if not moreso than) Dr. Doom, knows he’s better than you and wants you know it. Dr. Doom wants you to admit that he’s the most wonderful dictator ever. Apocalypse wants you to admit that you’re a tiny speck of worthless dust in HIS universe. He’s Thanos-level pimp.

  2. I dunno if that’s Thanos-level pimp, but, it’s certainly arrogant enough. 😛

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