Delays & New Episodes

All right, so I’m sure it’ gone noticed that the “Crisis of Multiple Shows” Story Arc’s final episode is taking a while.  I’d intended to release that last week but technical difficulties in editing prevented that and, since then, I’ve been busy.  (Also note that, yes, I released an Editorial before the conclusion episode.  Editorials do not take place within continuity.  They are a standalone thing.)

Aside from that delay, the some people, I’m sure, have figured out that there was a different versus meant to take place before Superman Returns.  Here is the thing with that.  We just got busy is all.  And we missed the window.  We wanted to do the this story arc in time for Man of Steel’s release (for our thoughts on THAT movie, you’ll have to wait.  Though my own thoughts on it are probably already obvious) so we pushed the originally intended episode back.  It will happen eventually, please bear with us.

Another show I’m sure has been noted as being delayed is Cartoon Cartoon Week…basically I just don’t have the time to do that show regularly so it’ll be a more spontaneous thing.  There is another one coming up but I’m thinking of altering the format a bit so, again, bear with me.

Lastly, TPT has been on hold for a while.  I will remind you that that show is muuuch more of a group effort and, again, people got crap to do.  It’ll pick up at some point.  Patience, Grasshoppers.

As a reward for your patience with me, here’s a list of the next few episodes I have planned, not counting the Crisis conclusion. (Not in order, sorry).

  • Inked Editorial: Justice League vs. The Avengers
  • That WiseGuy: Episode 18
  • Capes & Crusaders: Top 7 Captain “AMUUURICAH! F*** YEAH!” Moments
  • The CyniCritic: Dragonball Evolution

I’ll also be premiering a couple of not-so-regular shows.  Hopefully soon.

That’ll be all, peoples.  Thanks for watching.  Deuce.