2 thoughts on “Music Kombat – Mad World

  1. I’m glad you went with the Tears for Fears version of Mad World, if for no other reason than everyone probably expected you to pick the cover. I think it’d be cool if after you said which one you thought was better, the Mortal Kombat narrator voice could come in and go “Original Wins” or “Cover Wins”…and if you thought one was just absolutely better, add in the “Flawless Victory” part. The text you use for your ending credits would look cool for those as well. Feel free to disregard these ideas, they’re just random thoughts. Anyway, lookin forward to the next one, although I’m not a fan of Disturbed except for their cover of Land of Confusion.

    • Yeah I think I’ve thought of doing something like that, I think once or twice I generally went like “Winner” and just replayed the MV again. lol. Though yeah the idea is a good one. I’ll mess around in Audacity to give it a try.

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