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All right, everybody, it’s time for a quick update.  I do these in written format because if I’m on camera without a script I ramble something FIERCE.  So, with that said, let’s talk about what’s coming in NNTV Land.

Upcoming Episodes

I have a lot of episodes coming up for VARIOUS different shows, including a very big month ahead of me in January.  First thing’s first, I will have the CyniCritic review of “The Guyver” (1991) done and released by either this weekend OR the weekend of December 7-9.  I also have a couple of crossovers in the works that should be out some time relatively soon.  I’m not in charge of releasing that one so only time will tell.  I will also have my Christmas Special to you all by December 23 at the latest.

This brings us to the wall I have unintentionally backed myself into with this January.  I have CartoonCartoonWeek 3 coming up then as well as the Ghost Rider Tribute.  Neither of which will take an excessive amount of time but they will take work galore throughout December.  I ask that you be patient as I MAY end up missing a day or two of the Ghost Rider Tribute being that Cartoon Cartoon Week is the easiest, by FAR, to have ready for you guys and I do want you to have something to look forward to.  There is also the matter of February in which I hope to have another episode prepared for “The Plot Thickens”, this time featuring both Ink and The Cynic in individual episodes.

I also have the regular Wednesday short episodes such as “That WiseGuy” to do.  I currently have no other shows filling the Wednesday block but I’ll come back to that.  Silver Screen Cinema is still waiting on props and costume pieces so please forgive that delay.  Hopefully I’ll be set to bring that show back after December.  I CAN say that my next scheduled episode of that is “Captain America: The First Avenger”.

New Shows & Ideas

So my current situation is the same one that I always end up in.  I have a boat load of ideas and won’t stop thinking about them until they’re used or expressed so here are shows I will be doing but no time in the immediate future.  They will all certainly begin after Spring Break at the earliest.

  • Request DENIED – A show where one of the critics goes over a request they’ve received to review something then deny that request and go over why in a brief and humorous overview.
  • Word From The Wise – Ask the WiseGuy a question.  He’ll answer it.  Simplest concept in the world.


No, I haven’t been in many of the podcasts and the reason for that is basically schedule conflict.  Some podcasts I stay out of due to my not having anything to say on the subject and others I just don’t have the time or convenience of location to get involved in them.  I’ll still be in a podcast every once in a while but it’s not going to be as frequent that I’m in them as pretty much everyone else.  That is something I also hope to have rectified by the end of December.

Schedule Update

Okay so there are a few announcements in this field.  I feel the biggest one is as follows: I won’t be doing “Midnight Releases” anymore.  Is it because I crunch for time?  No, quite the opposite.  It’s actually more because I get impatient when I have a new video sitting on my computer and not being used.  However, there are other scheduling things that I feel I should mention.

First of all, there are the Weekend shows to address.  These are still down to CyniCritic, Silver Screen Cinema, The Plot Thickens, and Capes&Crusaders (which will have a new name by the next episode).  The Wednesday episodes, for now, are just the WiseGuy.

Now I’ll get to talking regularity of shows.  Until there are more shows in the Wednesday block, WiseGuy will be every Wednesday.  So here come the Month-Based shows.

  • CartoonCartoonWeek – This will remain unchanged and hit the site for an uninterrupted week every other month.
  • Month Long Tribute – While the first go at the tribute will be two months, the MonthLongTributes will only turn up every 4 months.  Meaning you’ll only see it three times a year.  Also, if it falls on CartoonCartoonWeek again after this Janurary, CartoonCartoonWeek will take priority.
  • The Plot Thickens is something I will try to have monthly.  But I am not promising that it will be updated every month but when I do the episodes, it will only happen once in a month unless there is a special coming up or a much longer episode than usual. (Those Vid-Coms actually take a total of about three days to put together and that’s just for the 3 minute ones)

With all of this having been said, I hope you enjoy what I have coming up for you guys.  After the Ghost Rider Tribute and CartoonCartoonWeek I may take a break from doing all of those more special things and just worry about movie/comic reviews for a while.  Don’t want to exhaust all of my ideas too quickly.  Anyway, that is all, everybody.  Deuce.