One thought on “On The Marvel Cinematic Universe

  1. I feel like live action movies are mostly made for people who aren’t familiar with the characters and storylines, not for long time fans. They’re made to try to get people into the comics, so that they can become familiar with the decades of references.

    I prefer animated movies to live action ones, as it’s easier to draw the character and find a suitable voice actor (Kevin Conroy to me is a better Batman than anyone who’s worn the costume) than to put someone in a suit who is nothing like the character they’re portraying *cough*halleberry*cough*. You want a good Hulk movie? Hulk vs. Wolverine, Hulk vs. Thor, and Planet Hulk are all better than the two theatrical releases, and do a great job of tying the Marvel Universe together.

    As for the movies I think Marvel should make…if it’s a team based movie, I’d go with the Havok led X-Factor, which could have an awesome sequel based on Mutant X. Solo character movie would be Darkhawk. If they did the movie like they did the comic, it’d be a great way of getting cameos of a lot of other heroes and villains based in New York.

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