Skeletroy’s 2013 schedule (January to June)

Hey everyone, Skeletroy here. I’d just like to give you an update as to what you can expect from me in the first half of the upcoming year.

I’m starting an interview show called “Getting to Know…”, where I’ll be talking to video producers about their shows and their experiences making said shows. I’ll be doing this 4 times a month, new episodes will hopefully be released on Sundays. In months that have 5 Sundays, I will be uploading episodes on the last four.

Season 2 of Adver-tainment will begin in May, and the first half of the season will run until the end of June. The rest of the season will be in November/December. Also, I’ll be doing commentaries on the older episodes, to be released on the first of each month.

Also, I’m working on a series about video games. It will mostly be about the Super Nintendo, but will also feature games from the Sega Genesis, Turbo Grafx 16, the NES, and their Japanese counterparts; the Super Famicom, Mega Drive, PC Engine, and Famicom, respectively. More details will follow when this project nears completion.

And finally, there are plenty of cameos, crossovers and podcasts with the rest of the producers on ThatRuled. Some have been planned, and some are in the idea stage. We love collaborating with each other, and you’re bound to see a lot of great content from all of us.

So, without giving away any reviews that I’ve planned but haven’t started working on yet, this is the current schedule for the first half of 2013.

January 01 – COMMENTARY Adver-tainment 1
January 06 – Getting to Know Samantha Maybe
January 13 – Getting to Know Rex Bologna
January 20 – Getting to Know Jimmy TR
January 27 – Getting to Know Monster Island Buddies

February 01 – COMMENTARY Adver-tainment 2
February 03 – Getting to Know Thomas Fyrehart
February 10 – Getting to Know Diva
February 17 – Getting to Know Absent Commentator
February 24 – Getting to Know Whyboy

March 01 – COMMENTARY Adver-tainment 3
March 10 – Getting to Know Big Cal
March 17 – Getting to Know Alanah Sees
March 24 – Getting to Know Dr. Sparkle
March 31 – Getting to Know Skeletroy Blockbuster

April 01 – COMMENTARY Adver-tainment 4
April 07 – Getting to Know Chris of “NNTV”
April 14 – Getting to Know Paul, Nick and Josh of “Continue?”
April 21 – Getting to Know Joe and Dave of “Game Sack”
April 28 – Getting to Know (tbd)

May 01 – Adver-tainment 7
May 15 – Adver-tainment 8
June 01 – Adver-tainment 9
June 15 – Adver-tainment 10, pt 1
June 30 – Adver-tainment 10, pt 2

Thanks for your views, comments, and support! I’m looking forward to an exciting year full of collaboration and entertainment, and I hope you are too!