TV(tehe) Doctor Who: Cold War

Samantha Maybe watches Cold War, the next episode of Doctor Who, after a pleasant reminder about the format of TV(tehe).

Doctor Who and all related media belong to the BBC

Music used in this episode includes:
A Samantha Maybe Cover of Doctor What written by Charlie McDonnell
Kodamas – Princess Mononoke
Highway to Hell – AC/DC
Eleven – Chameleon Circuit
A Minute to Win it – Wreck it Ralph
I Am the Doctor in Utah – Doctor Who: Series 6
Rita Praises – Doctor Who: Series 6
TARDIS – Doctor Who: Series 5

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One thought on “TV(tehe) Doctor Who: Cold War

  1. I enjoyed this reviw greatly. even though sam seems to have ADHD, (thease tease)-(actually I should not tease about that, I work for a special ed program)
    but no, good review, good predicting too. keep up the Good work and God bless.

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