Producer Profile: Alanah Sees

Alanah has been passionate about storytelling since her wee childhood days, when she started picking out character inconsistencies in “The Berenstain Bears Forget Their Manners” and pointing out plot holes in episodes of Power Rangers (the Mighty Morphin’ variety, of course). Deciding that there was never going to be a hope of shutting her up, her father decided early on to train her in the sacred ways of Miyazaki, Lassiter and Burton. Through the excessive watching of movies (and a great of deal of reading under her blanket with a flashlight, late at night), Alanah set forth on a journey to discover the wide world of artistic expression through plot, character, and design.

First, she ventured eagerly through The Glittering Caverns of Glorious Literature, where she traversed deep depths which hid Greek and Norse mythologies and American and British poetry, underground lakes of absurdist playscripts and YA dystopic novels. There, she mined gems the likes of Euripides, Graves, Beckett, and Westerfeld.

She then endeavored to cross through The Great Tropical Teleforest, a brilliant maze of interwoven television show canopies (darted with poisonous creatures called reality shows), where every trunk, root, and vine was constantly budding with new pilot episodes of life. There, she climbed towering trunks and followed winding rivers, cataloging the insect life (she called them Actors) and species of bird (Writers), beast (Directors) and reptile (Producers). She traced bark patterns and foliage life cycles, isolating her favorites while testing the waters for her inevitable plunge into seeding her own trees in the treacherous forest.

Her travels took her far and wide, across the volcanic mountain ranges of Film and then far into the secluded canyons of Stage Craft. She sailed across three of the Nine Seas of Songwriting, and spent a brief season diving in the Time-Consuming Trenches of Visual Art. She has seen and learned much, but has so much yet to discover – so many stories left to find, and infinitely more to tell.

Her epic journey continues today. AlanahSees is a prolific writer, director, actor and sometime musician, but always a consumer of great stories, whatever medium they may arrive in. While she holds a degree in Stage Directing, she is actively pursuing a career in writing and producing television. She spends her spare time blogging, vlogging and working on her novel. She is a shameless nerd, a passionate artist, and a lover of all things meta.

She also rambles, from time to time.

You may find more from her here and here, and feel free to contact her with any questions, comments, requests, or magic words by emailing

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