Producer Profile: Samantha Maybe

Samantha Maybe (Middle name Mae, last initial B) was basically raised on Jesus and video games. One of those things stuck…and well…it wasn’t Jesus. So now she reads comic books, plays Guild Wars 2, and basically worships Doctor Who…

Largely thanks to her friends and family, she has developed an acute interest in all things science fiction. Video games, television, movies, you name it she’ll watch it. She’s even watched Battlefield Earth…no lie.

In real life she’s an aspiring scientist with a BS in neuroscience. She started making videos mostly because her best friend lives too far away for them to talk every day. So now her reactions to their favorite shows will be captured on the internet FOREVER. The fact that other people find those reactions entertaining is a wonderful happenstance.
She enjoys hot tea with milk and sugar, Aboslut vodka, and fresh baked bread.

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