Producer Profile: NetworkNextTV

The Critics

Silver – Don’t underestimate Silver. Beneath his laid back, uncaring, and calm exterior is a wit as sharp as a blade. He avoids confrontation where possible, not because he’s afraid of it. It’s rather because he doesn’t want to step on any toes. As a critic who tries to be more purposed towards entertaining, Silver Acknowledges that it’s harder to do that when praising something. So what did he do? He decided to dedicate an entire portion of his videos to tearing into the less articulate arguments made against the movies he reviews. Nothing he reviews ever really gets below the “Average” rating of a 5/10 though. He stays positive or at least tries to. Hard to do with Nerd E. Whiner around to complain about everything under the sun. (Silver Screen Cinema, Silver Reviews Something New)

CyniCritic – On the absolute flip side of that coin is the ever sarcastic, pessimistic, and un-amused Cynic. The Cynic reviews movies that he deems to be absolute garbage and he isn’t afraid to let you know that he doesn’t care what you think. To him this is a mission. And it is a mission he must take on alone…yeah screw that. Expect crossovers. (The CyniCritic)

The Inkritic – A much more professional and reasonable middle ground to the commonly positive and largely negative movie critics, The Inkritic likes to spend his time talking about Comic Books and Cartoons. He’s got no problem voicing his opinions on the comic industry as long as people don’t try to get him to think their way. He hates that. Reviewing comics is a hard job but someone’s got to do it. Unlike the others, he doesn’t particularly have a gimmick. He’s honest about everything and is fair to everything, giving his generally unbiased opinion. (Capes & Crusaders, Cartoon Cartoon Week)

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