Comic Review Show!: Saga Volume 1

Samantha Maybe makes a decision between two relatively new sci-fi series, after a bit of an accident with a worm hole…

Mind the Gap and Saga both belong to Image

Music used in this episode includes:

Intermission – The Protomen, Necromancer – Play For Japan, River’s Perception/Saffron – Firefly, Book’s Hair/Ready for Battle – Firefly, Mal Fights Niska/Back Home – Firefly, Leaving/Caper/Spaceball-Firefly, Inara’s Suite – Firefly, Wild Arms Theme, TARDIS – Doctor Who:Series 5

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2 thoughts on “Comic Review Show!: Saga Volume 1

  1. Sam… that was awesome… Purely. You saved the best song for last, and Iunno if it’s just cause I’m tired or what, but I cried soon as it came on. Great job, sis.

    • Hey thanks! Glad you liked it…sorry I made you cry? That song gets me all the time too…

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