Philosophy at Odd Hours: On Guild Wars 2 and Codes of Conduct

Philosophy at Odd Hours

(Where SamanthaMaybe and AlanahSees talk about all the things)

NOTE: Sam’s laptop is named Gigi. Alanah’s laptop is named Caesar Augustus aka Oggy. Also, they have a friend named Mike.

SamanthaMaybe: So in Guild Wars earlier
I was doing this thing

and people have been talking about some “fire elemental” for the past two days
and I had no idea what they were talking about
I met it today
I died like 5 or 6 times fighting the thing
along with the other 15 or so people who were fighting it with me

AlanahSees: lol!
is it like, humanoid?
is it a being or more of a force?

it basically just looked like a giant mobile column of fire

sounds mean

it just spits out fire balls
and then the floor catches fire
and if you get hit you take around 900 damage…and no one has much more than that
but then you’re also on fire…so you’re basically dead in one hit
it sucked…
but i got lots of exp. and some cool items
i can’t decide if I want to keep leveling my Asura tonight or create my Sylvari…
she’s gonna be an elementalist i’m excited

im still stuck on “and then you’re on fire”

I told Mike I felt the need to apologize to him for every day i’ve ever picked on him for playing an MMO


pretty much the entire room…was on fire
…it was a big room
GW2 is kind of like a revolution in MMO-ness though
there’s no monthly subscription fee
otherwise I wouldn’t be playing it


for like WOW, and Diablo and…other MMOs
you have to pay like $15 a month to play it
and the original Guild Wars I guess…not sure
but with GW2, you just buy the game and you can play it for forever
and it’s not like there are never going to be updates or anything, like they’re planning on introducing new lands and races and professions eventually
so it’s pretty fantastic
i was worried about how it would run on Gigi, but it’s been ok

thats pretty friggin coolio

The fire elemental was almost too much for her though
the frame rate was like…dead
it wasn’t even low…it was dead
so i’m worried about later monsters, because some of them are like…ungodly huge
the elder dragons…i’ll try to find you a picture
they’re impressive


i don’t know which one that is…
but you can see the tiny little characters…and the big frakkin dragon…

thats terrifying
seriously. frak.

i know right???

this splinter is going to kill me
like, im going to actually die

oh no!

if i cant get this splinter out
all i wanna do is cuss at it
i hate it

stupid tiny pieces of wood!!!!

screw this.
im getting a needle

so there was this big issue when GW2 went live with people making up non-PC character names and stuff
a lot of them got banned for 72 hours for like causing undue stress and discomfort to other players
it’s like, do I want these people online with me? no
should they be banned from playing a game they obviously wanted to play because they have a childish and rude character name? I don’t know…
especially since they were given no prior warning

i dunno
i mean, because of the nature of the game, you have to interact with others, and if the game makers decide that there is a code of conduct that should be adhered to, then they have every right to enforce that for people using their product
i mean, yes, you paid for it, but you pay for the privilege to play, not for the freedom to act however you want
and if these people were being racist or hateful, even if it was only in text, i think it makes sense that the game makers can exclude them
if theyre gonna act like bad children, give them time out
i mean, really, to make your offense with your name is pretty brash
its the banner that hold the first impression and identity of you for the game
every interaction you have false under the banner of that name, and you are branded with it


i mean, its not like the gamers are kicking them out
its the game makers
so i dont think im bothered by it

and then some of them have to act like little babies and be like, this game sucks anyway
when they shouldn’t really have a reason to be upset unless they were enjoying themselves in the game to begin with…
that’s part of the reason i’m still a bit wary to get into the social aspects of the MMO world
I mean i’m in my brother’s guild
but like I don’t talk to people…I think I asked for help once?
i’m just a little Asura…keepin to myself…chillin with my blood fiend that i raised from the depths of hell

that makes sense to me
i mean, i think id be wary of other players
the same way id be wary of any stranger when im on a quest of some kind in an alternate adventure earth


i mean, they could be secretly evil
or out for blood

i mean if you just happen to be killing the same evil creature I would like to kill then yay!

or just a creeper

but i dunno…yeah

yeah sweet
thanks for the help
but we’re not like, companions or anything

i mean you don’t have to worry about them hurting you, cause that’s all done in Player vs. Player land

maybe a quick lay, if youre the right species

i don’t think you can even do that in GW
you can in some other MMOs

youre an asura tho
you pretty much always look like a child

especially since the male/female ratio of players Has to be incredibly skewed…


well yes, but for now i’m just around other Asura
most of them are taller than me though…

multiple children-esque beings having sex is even worse than one sam

did I tell  you the best part about the Asura?
the really cool one that’s kind of like my mentor
her name’s Zojja
and she’s voices by….
Felicia Day


that’s her
she so cool
she has a golem named Mr. Sparkles…


 i think i’m gonna end up with one of each race
except maybe human because…lame

who wants one of those

There are big scary cat people
they’re kind of like a mix between a cat and a bull
they’re called Charr
and they’re pretty BA

that sounds frightening

they are pretty scary
big on the warfare
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Sylvari elementalist
totes looks like a pirate
i love it



if i ever make a female charr she’s gonna look like a white tiger…i’ve decided…