The Isometric Perspective – Season 3, Episode 1

01. jan 22 - gradius

Skeletroy, Grant, and Grindhead Jim are back after a short break to start a new season and talk again about video games! This year, we’re celebrating the 30th anniversary of the NES by talking about a classic game each episode.

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Skeletroy’s Ongoing Chronological List of His Favorite 100 NES Games
001. October 1985 – Excitebike
002. November 1986 – 1942
003. December 1986 – Gradius

Adver-tainment! Episode 4

Skeletroy ties up some loose ends from episode 3, reads some Marvel comics, and solves a mystery. Also featuring: “Zit Fighters from Outer Space”, and “The X-Men Adventure”.