TV(tehe) Doctor Who: The Bells of St. John

Samantha Maybe watches and attempts to rationalize The Bells of St. John. Enjoy.

Doctor Who and all related media belong to the BBC

Music used in this episode includes:
A Samantha Maybe cover of Doctor What by Charlie McDonnell
Ladieswear – Doctor Who: Series 6
Time is Moving – Doctor Who: Series 6
Fish Custard – Doctor Who: Series 5
The Pandorica – Doctor Who: Series 5
Rita Praises – Doctor Who: Series 6
Eleven – Chameleon Circuit
One Minute to Win it – Wreck it Ralph Soundtrack
Next Stop, Everything (Finale) – Doctor Who: Series 5
TARDIS – Doctor Who: Series 5

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2 thoughts on “TV(tehe) Doctor Who: The Bells of St. John

  1. The more I think about/look at the episode, the more I hate it. Probably more than I hate almost any other episode. There are a lot of eps I disliked, but perhaps I’ve just come to expect so much from the show, that I flipped out on this ep. Le sigh.

  2. It was bad…it was pretty bad. It’s upsetting after the Christmas special was so good…but there were just sooo many things wrong with this episode, or at the very least incredibly annoying. I tried really really hard to be nice to it though.

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