11 Things I Would Like To See In A Splatoon Sequel

On the 30th of May 2015, Splatoon was released in Australia. Thanks to the Global Testfire events Nintendo had done previously, the game (and amiibo) was a day one purchase for me. Looking back on one year of Splatoon I’m amazed at how invested I’ve been in this game, purely because I’ve NEVER gotten invested this much in a shooter before. The game quickly became one of my most played current gen games within months of it being released. I can’t say exactly how many hours currently, but it’s well over 250+ hours at least…250+ hours for a shooter…that’s unheard for me personally. It would even be more honestly, but I’ve had 2 broken game pads since getting the game, so there’s been times where I couldn’t play at all.

This game has meant a lot to me since it came out. I’ve had TONS of fun, raged extremely hard and even discovered some new YouTubers to watch regularly because of it. And really, as a first attempt at this type of thing, this is pretty damn great…HOWEVER…like other people, I also feel there are some things that could’ve been implemented in this game that I would like to see in a potential sequel. With that said, here’s a list of things I’d like to see in said potential sequel (in no particular order).


I mean come on Nintendo what the hell? Closest you get to anything resembling that is either your onesie swimsuit you wear under everything poking out under your shirt/jacket/etc. or the female inklings having dresses or skirts pending certain outfits. Having some pants/shorts/skirts/etc. options would be nice. Hell, throw in kilts. Though this brings me to my next thing.

More Shops

Considering I want pants/shorts/skirts/etc. there’d need to be a shop for those. Also, what could be cool is to have different “weapon” shops that try to compete with each other. Maybe even have it that one store will have the same weapon as another store, but the stats will be better for it than the other store’s weapon. Or in a more likely event, have weapon shops that are level locked. So rather than just leveling up and going to Sheldon to find out he has new weapons for you, have it that when you hit a certain level you unlock access to an “intermediate level” weapon shop, then again later unlock an “expert” level shop for the more “OP” weapons.

The same basic idea could also apply to clothing stores, but as the only way to really separate those would either be making them “brand exclusive” or “star level” exclusive, it probably would be better to just keep those how they are and just add a store for pants/shorts/skirts/etc..

Larger Hub World

Splatoon Inkopolis

Inkopolis’ “plaza” or whatever it’s called is fine and all but it’s so damn tiny when you really think about it. Why not expand it a bit? Hell, make the primary one you start out at the place where you can access the Battle Dojo, Turf Wars, Ranked, Private Battle and story modes. But then have different districts you can access by taking the trains that loops around the current hub world.

Have a district for clothing stores another for weapons stores, maybe a small arcade district for the mini-games (or put that in one of the other districts) and hell, maybe even just make a free-roaming version of that park you can see behind the train station for you to hang out with other players and just dick around. Oh, here’s another one. Maybe one of the districts could be mini- games involving the actual inklings. Like a squid race through ink and stuff like that. That’s about all I can think of for this though, except for an idea that ties into the next one.

A Multiplayer PvE Mode

Everyone wants the Octolings to be playable, and whilst I’m not against that, it also led me to the idea that it’d be cool to have a mode that acts like Turf War or even the Ranked modes, but instead of facing other players, you team with other players (friends or randoms) against a team of CPU controlled Octolings. And hell, if Octolings are playable? Maybe have an alternate option for the mode of playing as a team of Octolings taking on a team of CPU controlled Inklings.

It seems like it’d be an idea worth considering. At least to me it does. This is also taking into account that I think it will be quite a while before a Splatoon 2 happens, because I really want this franchise to be more like Super Smash Bros. and only release one game per console generation. Or at least have there be a few years between them. Either of which would allow them time to develop some of the things I’m suggesting.

Increased Level Cap

To clarify, 50 is a good cap currently, especially since it can take quite a while to reach (As of writing this I have yet to, but I’m currently lvl 47). Though to also clarify, I would specifically have Nintendo pull what they did with the first game. That being have a certain level cap to begin with (20 again or stick with 50) then later increase the level cap to something like 75 or 100. Either as part of a big update like they did with the first one, or just waiting until enough people hit the starting level cap before increasing it.

Increased Points Rewards for Ranked & Turf War

I specifically mean level wise of course, but yeah. It can be quite the chore to level up. Now whilst I understand that’s kind of the point, keep in mind I also suggested an increased level cap as high as 100. So yeah, increased reward points for Ranked (20pts for a KO, and an accumulative 10pts for a time limit win), and increased points rewards for Turf War wins. Though with Turf War my main thing would be adding additional reward tiers pending how many points you get. Firstly 5pts for a win instead of 3pts.

But additional points could range from the standard 2pts for getting over 400pts, to 4 for getting over 800pts, to 5pts or 6pts for getting over 1000pts (or to keep the theme going, 1200pts). Specifically you only get one lot of bonus for hitting a certain requirement of course, not a potential 12 additional points for getting the top amount. I mainly suggest the extra point bonuses because, whilst it’s nice to get over 1000 points in Turf War, it feels kinda lousy not getting rewarded for that, aside from making it easier to level up gear.

No Penalties For A Bad Connection Dropping You Out Of A Ranked Match

This is one anyone who’s played Ranked can identify with. If you exit a match on purpose? Yes, you should lose points. But if it’s a bad connection FORCING YOU out of the match? Then it shouldn’t punish you by costing you 5-10 points (pending your level). That can be extremely frustrating. Especially if your team was winning, or at least making a comeback. Speaking of this issue though…

A Way To Exit Matches Without Turning Off Your Console

I mean come on Nintendo. Was that really so hard to do? Again though, if you do it in Ranked, yes, you should be penalised for it. I’m ok with that. But there are times where the phone rings or something generally comes up and you just kind of have to either ignore it or give up on your team. And I kind of always guilt myself into having to stick with my team unless it really is important (a call from my boss for example). A way to duck out of Turf Wars or Ranked without having to turn the console off would be MUCH appreciated by just about every Splatoon player ever. Get on that Nintendo.

Longer “Hero Mode”

Whilst I did like playing through Splatoon’s story mode, it did end up feeling a bit short; despite there being 32 levels or so including the boss fights. I kinda hoped there’d be an expansion to the mode in one of the updates for the game. Whilst there potentially COULD be one, I kind of doubt there will be at this point for the first game.

That said if, if being an update/free DLC later on is what it takes to expand the story mode in a second installment, I’d be fine with that. Though in that case I’d want a mode like we got in the first game, with any follow up added later being its own thing, or the villain/s coming back for another try. Not “oh this is the first half, we’ll give you the rest later”.

Dedicated Servers

This speaks for itself really, but yeah, Nintendo? Dedicated servers thanks. I’m sick of this “connect to other consoles” crap. I actually have a good internet connection now, and even my shittier one could manage Splatoon fine. It’s annoying to have a match cancelled on you, or not even be able to join one, because someone else had a shitty connection.

New & Revised Maps

Nintendo has proven they’re willing to update older maps to make them feel a bit more fresh, or just generally so they work a bit better/don’t look as barren….well ok they only did it with ONE that I can think of but you get my point. In a second Splatoon game I would obviously expect some new stages, but at the same time I’d like to see them bring back some of the old stages (not necessarily ALL of them, but some) and tweak them a bit so they’re different. Though one that I would like to see get an entirely new makeover to the point it’s basically a new stage? Hammerhead Bridge.

Hammerhead Bridge

The entire point of this stage is that it’s a bridge under construction. So logically, the next step would be to make a version of the stage where the bridge is complete. It would completely change what the level looks like. What I specifically picture is that it could possibly turn into an “under the bridge” scenario where you’re playing in a new area they made to do battle in, as the previous map would now most likely just be roads. Though another possible option would even be to have the map on top of the bridge instead of underneath. I still kind of prefer the “under the bridge” idea though.


Anyway, that’s about all I can think of for now. Though to clarify again, I would NOT want a Splatoon 2 to come out in the next year or so. I’d rather Nintendo wait at least another 2-4 years before making another one to make it at least a 3-5 year gap between releases. But in any case, what would you guys like to see in the next Splatoon game? Is there any “major” thing I missed you’d like to see? Do you disagree with any of my ideas for a sequel?

Do you even WANT another Splatoon game, or are you content with the first one? I mean it’s Nintendo, they’ll make a sequel, but the question stands. But anyway that’s all from me folks, so I’ll see you later, and a happy 1 year anniversary to Splatoon. My honest to God personal pick for Game Of The Year for 2015.

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