Reason For The Season (Pass), And Other Such Matters

First more articles, now a new video that isn’t a lazy movie review? You’d half think someone slipped me some money or something.

Seriously though, I needed to get this off my chest. Thinking out loud wasn’t gonna cut it, and I didn’t wanna write an article on it, so a video made sense.

Fyrehart Rants: Video Game Ramblings

On top of all that I mention in this, I’ve also had troubles with Twitch streams being muted after the fact over the past few months (most recently yesterday/this morning with Arkham Knight), when I never put copyrighted audio over my gameplay footage. It makes no damn sense but I have appealed it, and am hoping the issue is resolved in this latest instance. Anyone else had that issue when streaming on Twitch?

The Isometric Perspective #26 – The Evolution of Gaming in the 21st Century

Skeletroy, Grant, and Jimmy talk about some of the changes that are occuring in video games, and about how this creates a different experience than previous generations have offered.

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The Isometric Perspective #11 – E3-Stravanganza part 5 (Sony’s Press Conference)

Skeletroy, Grant, and JimmyTR give their first impressions on Sony’s E3 press conference.

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