The Isometric Perspective – Season 3, Episode 4

04. contra
Skeletroy, Grant, and Grindhead Jim discuss Contra. Also, Skeletroy is giving away a copy of Double Dragon Neon on Steam next episode! For a chance to win, visit The Isometric Perspective’s Facebook page and click “like” on the Double dragon picture.

The Isometric Perspective – Season 3, Episode 2

02. castlevania

Skeletroy, Grant, and Grindhead Jim continue their celebration of the 30th anniversary of the NES by looking at another Konami classic, Castlevania.

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The Two Pages podcast – #3 – Two Pages of Anything

Skeletroy, Tom, and Debbie are back to read stories, along with newcomer Damon!

Debbie’s story – 2:13
Tom’s story – 12:27
Damon’s story – 26:33
Skeletroy’s story – 29:24

Visit Debbie’s website at
Visit Damon’s website at

The Two Pages Podcast wants YOU!

Picture 14

Hey everyone, Skeletroy here. I’m on the search for contributors for the next couple episodes of the Two Pages podcast. I know this is a crazy time of year for a lot of people, so I’m pushing the next episode back a week. There is no subject for stories for this one, so “Two Pages of Anything” will now be scheduled for January 11th. Episode 4’s subject is Valentine’s day, and “Two Pages of Romance” is scheduled for February 1st.

The rules are fairly simple:
1. Your story must not exceed two pages in length.
2. Your story should make you, the writer, laugh. Don’t be afraid to be completely ridiculous for the sake of comedy.

If you’re interested in participating in either episode or have any questions about the show, please leave a comment. And if you know anyone who might be interested in participating, let them know about the Facebook group.


P.S. For this podcast, I’ve decided to write stories in the Choose Your Own Adventure format from episode 2 onward. By being on the show, you will play an active role in hearing how my story goes.

The Two Pages Podcast – #2 – Two Pages of Celebrations

Skeletroy and friends gather again to spread some holiday cheer and tell some more stories!

Tom’s story – 4:12
Grant’s story – 15:16
Debbie’s story – 29:49
Skeletroy’s story – 41:04

To read more of Debbie’s stories, click here!

The Two Pages Podcast – #1 – Two Pages of Halloween

It’s Skeletroy’s newest podcast! For this debut episode, he recruited ThatRuled regulars: NNTV’s Chris, Graham, Thomas Fyrehart, and Grant Beard talk about Halloween a bit, and share some original two-page short stories.

Chris’ story starts at 10:21.
Graham’s story starts at 18:18.
Thomas’ story starts at 26:58.
Skeletroy’s story starts at 39:09.

Comics on the Dot Special: Waiting for Wonder Woman

Ink and Jimmy talk about the apparently complicated grounds of female characters in animation, sticking to superheroes because it’s what they do.

The Isometric Perspective – Season 2 Episode 1

Skeletroy, Grant, and Grindhead Jim (the artist formerly/somewhat currently known as JimmyTR) are back to ramble on about video games!

The Isometric Perspective is hosted by:

Skeletroy Blockbuster
Grant Beard
Grindhead Jim

The Isometric Perspective #32 – Video Game Cover Musicians

Skeletroy, Grant, and JimmyTR talk about some of their favorite musicans and bands who make music based on video games. NOTE: Episodes 30 and 31 were recorded after this one, so any mentions of “the last episode” refer to episode 29.

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The Isometric Perspective # 31 – Digital vs Physical Gaming

Skeletroy, Grant, and Jimmy discuss the future of downloadable games vs disc based ones, and get into an interesting discussion about video game manuals… no, really, it’s interesting.

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The Isometric Perspective #30 – Mighty No. 9

Skeletroy, Grant, and JimmyTR talk about the recently finished Kickstarter campaign for Mighty No. 9, as well as discussing Capcom and Comcept, the Beta for Battlefield 4, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. These are exciting times!

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CotD 13 – DC’s Recent Debacles

Skeletroy sits down with NNTV Chris to discuss the current state of the DC Universe.

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CoTD 12 – Cinematic and Animated Universes, Pt 2

Jimmy, Chris, Alanah, & Skeletroy continue their conversation of all things cinematic & comic book.  Enjoy!

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The Isometric Perspective 28 – Tokyo Game Show 2013

While Troy is battling some Gremlins, Grant and Jimmy recap this week’s Tokyo Game Show.  Did Sony deliver the goods?  Find out!

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