The Isometric Perspective #32 – Video Game Cover Musicians

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Skeletroy, Grant, and JimmyTR talk about some of their favorite musicans and bands who make music based on video games. NOTE: Episodes 30 and 31 were recorded after this one, so any mentions of “the last episode” refer to episode 29.

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And Another Thing! – Care Bears, James Bond & Laziness

Thomas returns from the ethereal lands of procrastination to bring you a new series of videos. Short and to the point mini-rants that don’t really have anything to do with each other, and that aren’t entirely serious, all held together by the phrase “and another thing”.

Care Bears, James Bond & Laziness

Ring Of Fyre Shorts: Thoughts On Bound For Glory 2012

Having decided not to do a full review for the show, Thomas instead gives his thoughts on the PPV in overview form.

The Ring Of Fyre – Episode 15

The Ring Of Fyre returns with another PPV review! This time, Thomas takes a look at TNA’s No Surrender 2012