Episode 5: Net Neutrality w/Magdalen Rose


Magdalen Rose guests on this discussion about Net Neutrality: its origins, its purpose, and why we need it in today’s market!

Check her out on:
Twitter – https://twitter.com/theMagdalenRose
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/user/SilverScreenReviews


Bastard Taco- Josh Stifter Loves Cartoons

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In this episode Josh Stifter of Flush Studios comes by and we talk about dark cartoons. we start out by exposing the not so family oriented past of the classic Disney cartoons, discuss 90’s nickelodeon and MTV cartoon weirdness. Halfway we tangent art and Josh’s old podcast: Gettin’ Sketchy.


FIND JOSH HERE!! https://www.flushstudios.com/

His Newgrounds- http://flushstudios.newgrounds.com/


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Bastard Taco- It’s a Bastard Christmas!!

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Ho Ho ho!! Happy Christ day to all you bastards out there. In this episode Damon and Marc discuss what they love what they love most about the holiday, open a few presents and get a visit from a VERY special guest.


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Bastard Taco LIVE: Season 3 Finale!!

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 So this was our first event we ever created and it was really awesome. Tim Halberstam (@Kastfilms) and surprise guest Zach Holmes (@TrillWizard911) came by to share stories from the homegrown stunt world. Also Zach sheds some light on what happened that time Damon went to Chicago.


check out the live Youtube event- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQZ017q4gFE


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Bastard Taco- I Wonder If Rico Roman Likes Pistachio Ice Cream?

Hello!! We are Bastard Taco Podcast and this is our first post to thatruled.com and we gotta give a big thanks to everybody for having us!!

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In this episode we start off with some homegrown stunt news, discuss WWE NXT,Goosebumps TV show and Halloween movies.

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The Podcast Without Banners: Game Of Thrones Season 2 Retrospective

Game Of Thrones season 2 image


On this episode, Thomas, Graham & Maeve La Fey look back on season 2 of the HBO hit series Game Of Thrones. Discussing the various plots (both new and continuing) as well as the characters involved.

The Podcast Without Banners: Game Of Thrones Season 1 Retrospective

 Game Of Thrones poster

Update: The name of the podcast has been changed. Primarily because a reddit user called RoddyRuin pointed out to me that the previous name was already taken. 

On the first episode of this new podcast, Thomas Fyrehart & Graham Kristensen give their thoughts on season 1 of the hit show Game Of Thrones.


The Isometric Perspective – Season 3, Episode 4

04. contra
Skeletroy, Grant, and Grindhead Jim discuss Contra. Also, Skeletroy is giving away a copy of Double Dragon Neon on Steam next episode! For a chance to win, visit The Isometric Perspective’s Facebook page and click “like” on the Double dragon picture.

The Two Pages Podcast – #5 – Two Pages of Leprechauns

Skeletroy, Tom, Maeve La Fey, and Grant have returned to read more funny stories! Also, Skeletroy is looking for some new writers for next month’s episode, “Two Pages of Fools”; please leave a comment if you’d like to be part of the show!

Grant’s story – 6:30
Maeve’s story – 14:55
Tom’s story – 29:50
Skeletroy’s story – 42:22

The Isometric Perspective – Season 3, Episode 2

02. castlevania

Skeletroy, Grant, and Grindhead Jim continue their celebration of the 30th anniversary of the NES by looking at another Konami classic, Castlevania.

The Isometric Perspective’s Facebook group

The Isometric Perspective – Season 3, Episode 1

01. jan 22 - gradius

Skeletroy, Grant, and Grindhead Jim are back after a short break to start a new season and talk again about video games! This year, we’re celebrating the 30th anniversary of the NES by talking about a classic game each episode.

The Isometric Perspective’s Facebook group

Skeletroy’s Ongoing Chronological List of His Favorite 100 NES Games
001. October 1985 – Excitebike
002. November 1986 – 1942
003. December 1986 – Gradius

The Two Pages podcast – #3 – Two Pages of Anything

Skeletroy, Tom, and Debbie are back to read stories, along with newcomer Damon!

Debbie’s story – 2:13
Tom’s story – 12:27
Damon’s story – 26:33
Skeletroy’s story – 29:24

Visit Debbie’s website at talesfromthemists.wordpress.com
Visit Damon’s website at www.tacobeans.com

The Two Pages Podcast wants YOU!

Picture 14

Hey everyone, Skeletroy here. I’m on the search for contributors for the next couple episodes of the Two Pages podcast. I know this is a crazy time of year for a lot of people, so I’m pushing the next episode back a week. There is no subject for stories for this one, so “Two Pages of Anything” will now be scheduled for January 11th. Episode 4’s subject is Valentine’s day, and “Two Pages of Romance” is scheduled for February 1st.

The rules are fairly simple:
1. Your story must not exceed two pages in length.
2. Your story should make you, the writer, laugh. Don’t be afraid to be completely ridiculous for the sake of comedy.

If you’re interested in participating in either episode or have any questions about the show, please leave a comment. And if you know anyone who might be interested in participating, let them know about the Facebook group.


P.S. For this podcast, I’ve decided to write stories in the Choose Your Own Adventure format from episode 2 onward. By being on the show, you will play an active role in hearing how my story goes.