Skeletroy’s Song of the Month – King Dedede’s theme

Song of the Month #3 – Kirby Super Star – King Dedede’s theme

Next month I’m going to go with some songs from games with Ninjas! Please leave a comment on whether you’d prefer to hear the stage 1 theme from Ninja Warriors (TG-16), “Chinatown” from Shinobi, or “Lahja’s theme” from Ninja Gaiden 2. 

And if you’ve missed the previous Songs of the Month, you can find them on this playlist! Thanks for listening, I’ll see you in a month!

CFPE 3 – Junebugs in August

Closing out the original trilogy of CFPE, we follow on as Jimmy descends further into madness, while Samantha, Grant, Skeletroy, and Chris attempt to pull Jimmy into the 21st century.

**NSFW or anyone under 17**

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Adventure Time with Graham, Sam, and Jenny, Episode 1, part 2

In Part 2 of episode one Graham, Sam, and Jenny discuss the origins of Princess Bubblegum, the evilness of Peppermint Butler, Finn’s potential Oedipal complex and So Much More! You won’t regret it.

Supernatural Review Episode 807: A Little Slice of Kevin

Samantha Maybe watches the next episode of Supernatural. There are tears, laughter, and a puppy.

Supernatural belongs to the CW

Music used in this episode includes:

Death to all Hipsters – Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (Original Soundtrack)

Machines Do it Better So You Don’t Have To – Aesthetically Speaking

Back in Time – Huey Lewis & The News

TARDIS – Doctor Who: Series 5

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