And Another Thing! – Horror Fans, Kids Show Makers, and THAT’S MY SPOT DAMN IT!

Fans hating change, weird business decisions and Thomas’ ego can all be found in this round of And Another Thing!

ROTLA 6 – Podcasting (6/9/2013)

This is a special edition of Reviewers of the Lost Art, where Jimmy TR takes on Graham the Reanimator (Left of the Dial, Geek Thoughts), along with BenFromCanada (Geek Thoughts) to discuss the ins and outs of podcasting (reread this description after listening to the podcast for a cheap laugh).

Music Kombat – It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

This time on Music Kombat, Thomas discusses a song he wasn’t originally going to talk about, but felt was relevant at the time.


The Ring Of Fyre – Episode 23

This time on The Ring Of Fyre……….ugh……….should I have even bothered?

Apathy Strikes Back