Music Kombat Klassics – I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll

Back in 2012-2013, Thomas made a few videos in a series called “Music Kombat”. This is the first episode, in which he compares two versions of the song “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll”.

CoTD 12 – Cinematic and Animated Universes, Pt 2

Jimmy, Chris, Alanah, & Skeletroy continue their conversation of all things cinematic & comic book.  Enjoy!

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CotD 11 – Cinematic and Animated Universes, Part 1

Jimmy and Chris are joined by That Ruled producers Alanah Sees and Skeletroy Blockbuster to discuss the relationship between comic book universes on and of the silver screen.

Part 1 of 3 – only because we couldn’t shut up (and we really missed Alanah).

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KTHXDIE 15 – Demo Reel Versus Nostalgia Critic

D weighs in on Channel Awesome’s controversial business move, and the fanboy fallout that resulted from it.

Jimmy TR Versus CyniCritic Ep 1: Howard the Duck

Jimmy attempts to enact revenge on the Cynic for making him watch Spy Kids 3, but something sinister is afoot…