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The twins return for a weekend full of geekdom, as they cover Netflix’s Castlevania announcement, Valve’s new replacement for Steam Greenlight, and Crunchyroll’s upcoming convention! All this and more on Bulletoon Weekly!

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Skeletroy’s Rearranged Memories #2

Rearranged Memories – King Dedede’s theme, New Messiah

Hey everyone, Skeletroy here again to reflect on a couple songs I did a while ago, and any other random memories and thoughts that come with them.

     3. Kirby Super Star – King Dedede’s theme

Original release date: December 1, 2015

Okay, on to songs that still hold up. Again, it’s not that the first two songs were bad, just not quite realized. But this one…this is one of my all-time favorite songs, from the first time I heard it at age 10 in Kirby’s Dream Land. The entire KDL soundtrack is fantastic, and really helped to showcase the Game Boy’s strengths when it comes to music. While the Game Boy has one less sound channel than the NES did, it was the PCM channel that was missing. I don’t think having the ability to play low-quality voice samples would have improved the Game Boy very much.  

The Super Star version of King Dedede’s theme added the final section to the song, which is why I credit it in the title. This was another attempt at a different musical direction, but wasn’t as much about trying to make it different as it was an attempt to match the musical style with the subject matter of the game, which is one of the overarching points to the SNES thrash project. Kirby games are cute, so I wanted to make “cute metal”, now given the moniker of “dreamland thrash”. It was a pretty fun experiment, meshing vibraphone, piccolo, and strings in with (simulated) heavy guitars and drums. There’s actually another version of this song locked away in the vaults. I wasn’t sure whether to go with the piccolo, or if I should use a trumpet instead. Considering how much I use the trumpet in other genres, I’m pretty happy with the choice I made here.


  1. Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge – New Messiah

Original release date: December 24, 2015

Another Castlevania song already? Yeah, I thought it’d be funny. Hopefully some of you thought so too, as I’ll be repeating the joke at least twice more. On a more serious note, this is where I began to turn the corner to really thinking about making these songs as intense as possible, and I have JimmyTR to thank for it. I was working on a song for his character for Adver-tainment (the TR crew were all going to be main characters in the second season), and Jimmy wanted it to sound as death metal as possible. Since the plans for the show were shelved, the song in question is currently unreleased *cough*August 2017*cough*.

This was very much an eye-opening moment, and led me to looking at each of my songs that were in progress to see if I had either the available space (120 measures maximum) or if it was enough under the maximum tempo (up to 300 bpm) to be able to double the tempos. This is why it’s handy to be working on a hundred songs at a time – after I double the tempo, I have to manually move every single note on every single track (of which there are thankfully only eight), and double the length of each of them to fit the new tempo…as you can guess, that takes quite a while. But then the fun really begins, as I see all the spaces in between the drum parts that weren’t there with the original slower tempo, and I start playing around to see what I can do. I love how this song turned out, but at the same time I kind of feel like I overdid the drums just a bit.

That’s going to wrap things up until next time. Coincidentally, I released another Kirby song today, you can listen to it here! Thanks for reading and listening!

Skeletroy’s Rearranged Memories #1

Hey everyone, I’ve been off doing my own thing for a while and haven’t posted much to the site in a while. I started a project called SNES Thrash Remixes which was an offshoot of Adver-tainment, which may or may not see the light of day as season 2 is just too much work. Anyway, I wanted to start posting the songs I’ve done to the site, and so to catch up I’ll be doing two old songs per post, along with two paragraphs for each, reflecting my past memories and more recent thoughts. These aren’t set in stone though, I’m just going to write about whatever comes to mind and hope for the best.

  1. Castlevania – Wicked Child

Original release date: October 1, 2015

Oh, the difference a day makes…or in this case, a year. I was working on a lot of video game cover songs to use as background music in another project, and wanted to start releasing some of them. SNES thrash remixes was conceived as Song of the Month, as I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with working on a huge project. It wasn’t long, however, before I found that doing all the music itself was another huge project inside of the first one. I remember thinking “I sure hope I can keep this pace up”, which seems laughable now. Simple math shows that it would have resulted in a twelve song album each year, and that seemed like a pretty good result to me. That also seems laughable now, as more simple math showed me that I’d probably be at it for the next 30 years if I only released 12 songs a year.

At the time of its release, Wicked Child was the best song that I had put together. At the time of this writing, it’s the only song to have a second version released. I wouldn’t say it’s because this version is bad, it’s more of a case where I hadn’t given it enough time but didn’t have enough experience to realize it. A good song is like a good hot meal, sometimes they need a bit of simmering time at the end to really bring all the flavor out. I hadn’t fully realized the “Castlevania sound” I wanted until a year later, when I did the entire soundtrack to the first game. So basically I redid this one so it wouldn’t stick out compared to the rest of the soundtrack.

  1. Metal Gear Solid 2 theme

Original release date: November 1, 2015

When I was younger and had dreams of being a world famous rock star, I had a binder of notes for ideas about releasing albums. I’ll most likely be revealing the details of a lot of these ideas, as it’s been almost 20 years since I’ve written them. One of those ideas was to first release a fairly standard album that kind of tiptoed around the different sounds that would be attempted later, then to go all out with those later albums. The second would be more of an acoustic style album, the third would be more metal, etc. Granted, it’s not the most marketable strategy when you consider how people as a whole fear change, but I never wanted to be pigeon-holed into repeating the same thing simply because it’s what people want.

This was the mindset I revisited with Song of the Month, albeit on a much smaller scale with the concept applied to individual songs instead of full albums. I went with MGS2 because it was about as different from Wicked Child as I could do at the time. Due to it being so different though, it was quite a challenge to get the final mix just right. This was a real challenge, learning how different sound levels needed to be to sound right as an mp3 compared to it pretty well always sounding right through DS speakers. It took something like 40 tries to get the final mix from my DS to the computer. Unfortunately, this song also suffers from “didn’t find my voice yet” syndrome, and will see an eventual re-release when I do a proper “military metal” album.     


Thanks for reading and listening! I released a new song today, and although it’s going to be a while before I get to it in this series, you can check it out here:

Skeletroy’s Song of the Month (bonus song) – New Messiah

Song of the Month (bonus) – Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge – New Messiah

Thanks for checking out my Song of the Month remixes! I’ll be releasing my first video game cover album, “The Legend of the Musical Ninja”, in January, stay tuned for a lot more great music!

And as always, you can hear the previous songs in this playlist:

Skeletroy’s Song of the Month – Castlevania – Wicked Child

Song of the Month # 1 – Castlevania – Wicked Child

This is the first song of a (hopefully) long running series of SNES style thrash remixes.

Please vote for next month’s remix by leaving a comment! Would you rather hear a song from Adventure Island II, Zelda II, or Metal Gear Solid 2?

The Isometric Perspective – Season 3, Episode 2

02. castlevania

Skeletroy, Grant, and Grindhead Jim continue their celebration of the 30th anniversary of the NES by looking at another Konami classic, Castlevania.

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Fyreharticles: Ten Video Game Franchises I’ve Never Played

Last time I did a list like this, it was about movies/film franchises I’ve never watched. This time I’ll confess to video game franchises I’ve never played. I’ll mainly go for ones that have more than two games, since that seems like an actual franchise, but there may be some that pop up that only really have two games. So, get ready to yell at me for not having played something you hold dear to your heart.

Metal Gear

So, I’ve played a demo of Metal Gear Solid 3, but that’s all I can really remember playing out of the franchise, so yeah. All I really know is that there’s Solid Snake and some other Snake and trouser snakes and yeah I really have no idea what these games are about off the top of my head.

The Elder Scrolls

I knew Oblivion existed before Skyrim, though Skyrim I only found out about through internet videos, not trailers, well after the game came out. I also had no idea at first that these two games were part of a franchise. Apart from these and the rest of the Elder Scrolls games being fantasy based, I have no idea what they’re about.


That game franchise where everyone was angered and confused when the Samus turned out to be a woman? Yeah never played any of those games. A “Metroid” is like a jellyfish alien right? Damn Nintendo, you’re weird.


All I know about these are that Dracula is a character in them. That’s literally it. And I watched a JonTron video about one of the games like a day or two ago! Seriously, what the hell are these games about?

Mega Man

I’ve watched someone stream Mega Man, but I’ve never played it myself. Hell the only thing I can claim to have any connection to relating to Mega Man is that I’ve watched the anime Mega Man: NT Warrior. This whole Mega Man thing is basically Sonic if he were a cyborg right? Going by the main villains Sonic & Mega Man have that seems like a logical conclusion to come to. Oh, for those wondering, I have played at least one Sonic game. Sonic Heroes I think it was called.

Street Fighter

I’ve played (and/or own) the major Tekken games, I’ve played at least one Mortal Kombat game, I own Soul Calibur 3. Hell, I’ve played Bloody Roar 3 for crying out loud…but for whatever reason, I have never in my life played a Street Fighter game. I know a few of the characters from it (Ryu, Ken, Zangief, M Bison, Balrog, Rufus, Chun-Li and E. Honda off the top of my head), but that’s about as far as it goes. I have considered getting Street Fighter X Tekken but I’m not entirely sure if I will ever get it at this point.

Silent Hill

Watched people play them, never played them myself. Mainly because I was too young to have been able to play the earlier ones when they came out, but even then I’ve still never played any of the games, even the newer ones. I know what happens though, so there’s that.


I have no idea what these games are about, but I guess they must be good if people keep bitching to Valve to make another one. That said I’m not a huge fan of FPS games, so I’ll probably never play these games. Don’t worry though, I own Portal 1 & 2 as of this year, so I own SOMETHING Valve has done.

Resident Evil

I have friends who own the games, but I’ve never really played one that I can remember. If I did it wasn’t a full level, so I don’t count it. I also have no idea what these games are really about outside of what I’ve heard in reviews of the movies where people bring up just how badly those movies have been botched. That reminds me, never seen the movies either.

The Legend Of Zelda

Yes, you just read that. One of the most beloved franchises in existence, and probably one of the oldest that’s still going, but I’ve never played a Zelda game. I’ve only ever really played a demo of Wind Waker, and I don’t count demos. That said, I do know that Zelda is the Princess and Link is the playable character, so I’m not completely ignorant about these games. That said, when I was 12 I thought Link was Zelda. But hey, can you blame me? The franchise is called “The Legend Of Zelda”, not “The Never Ending Quest To Save Zelda”.

This all said I do plan on eventually giving the games a try, unlike most on this list. I’ll probably start with the “3D” Zelda games though, and then most likely Wind Waker.

So there you have it. I could easily have made this a list of 20, but I think 10 will do for now. Are there any video game franchises you guys have never played for one reason or another (even if it’s just you can’t be bothered/aren’t interested enough to pick them up)? Are there any of those you’ve always wanted to play or plan to play, but just haven’t yet (due to financial reasons/etc.)? Let me know in the comments.

The Isometric Perspective #32 – Video Game Cover Musicians

Skeletroy, Grant, and JimmyTR talk about some of their favorite musicans and bands who make music based on video games. NOTE: Episodes 30 and 31 were recorded after this one, so any mentions of “the last episode” refer to episode 29.

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