At First Glance – Kill La Kill

Note: There are spoilers for the first episode of the anime in question
in this article. You have been warned.

Well here we are again, and relatively sooner than may have been expected considering my track record. As a quick reminder for those who didn’t catch the first one, the idea of these “At First Glance” things is that I watch the first episode of an anime I’ve never seen and give my thoughts on it. Simple, right? With that out of the way, let’s get down to business.

Kill La Kill

Kill La Kill

As a basic premise, Kill La Kill is a revenge story where the main character, Ryuko Matoi, is on a mission to find out who killed her father, and is seemingly willing to go to any lengths to do so. With her search leading her to Honnouji Academy, which is where the series starts.

I’ve heard about this anime quite a bit, but I’ve somehow managed to avoid spoilers from what I can tell, so I went into this fairly blind. I’d always intended to check it out, and almost did at one point. For whatever reason I stopped and watched something else instead. However, after getting the idea to do these articles, I decided it was
high time I give this anime a fair shot, and actually watched it immediately after watching the first episode of “Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!”.

Needless to say, the two anime could not be any more different if they tried. Whilst……you know what let’s call it Cute High for short…..whilst Cute High came off as being fairly level-headed despite all the weird shit happening, and could be kind of subtle in places, Kill La Kill is about as subtle as a punch in the face.

 (Or a kick I guess, that works too)

Not even seemingly two minutes in Kill La Kill just goes from zero to sixty in the
weird department and doesn’t really let up too much. Not that I mind. In fact I enjoyed the hell out of it. The over-the-top action-comedy aspect of the whole show works amazingly well going by this first episode alone. There are some serious aspects to the story (namely the emerging backstory for Ryuko), but overall the show itself doesn’t try to take itself too seriously in most aspects, and it works to its advantage.

The show is also a nice change of pace as it’s the first magical girl anime that I’ve ever seen to be this crude with its humour. I swear one scene after Ryuko gains the outfit she’s most known for (which I will not link here, you know how to use google), the scene in which a male character reacts to first seeing her in it almost plays out like a Sailor Moon parody sketch they did on Robot Chicken.

If there’s one thing I’m a sucker for, it’s stuff that would normally just be run-of-the-mill sexual fanservice being played for comedy, and this show looks to be all about doing that. Personally I don’t think the outfit will ever grow on me, but at the very least I can put up with it because of how it’s immediately made fun of because the show is so self-aware.

All-in-all I am glad I finally got around to giving this show a try, and I can definitely see myself watching the rest of it. Just got to hope it doesn’t pull a Madoka Magica on me and end up being a depressing mindfuck in the end. Beause it probably could. Who knows. I’m
expecting shit to get real, but yeah, hoping it doesn’t get THAT real.

In any case, if you’re like me and have never given this show a watch, I’d say it’s definitely worth checking out. So long as you’re not put off by the crude humour and violence and stuff like that anyway. If that sort of thing isn’t your cup of tea then I’d steer clear of this. Otherwise, go for it. Even if you only watch the first episode, it’s definitely worth a
try. And hell, if you’re like me and prefer dubs, this anime is available both dubbed and subbed, so everybody wins.

As far as what the next anime I cover/watch will be is concerned, I honestly have no idea as of yet. I have made up a list of anime to potentially watch for these articles though. Regardless, you’ll just have to wait and see what I talk about next. And it’ll probably be next week, just so I don’t crank too many of these out. In which case, I’ll see you all again next week.

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